Jurassic World : Dominion : The shooting has resumed and this is not part of the fun


For the moment, the film is expected to land in us on June 9, 2021.

It is without doubt one of the most anxiously awaited films of next year. Jurassic World : the Domain (or Jurassic World 3 for friends) had to cut short filming, due to the current situation of health, in mid-march, after only four weeks of work.

According to the Twitter of Bryce Dallas-Howard and Chris Prattobviously the team of the film Colin Trevorrow it has taken over the roads, of the studies, as was predicted at the beginning of July.

I think that the actress who shows his bruises in a photo, it seems not to be part of the fun, even if the atmosphere always seems relaxed. Of the blue that was made for the scenes of water falls, as explained in a tweet last Chris Pratt, a brown thrasher that had defied the interpreter of Claire to show her bruises to the fans…

Jurassic World 3 : Bryce Dallas Howard speaks of the imminent resumption of the shooting

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