Justin Bieber and Chandler Moore are super stylish on Instagram!

Justin Bieber uploads his reunion with singer Chandler Moore. The young man proudly appears on social media.

Justin Bieber has just caused a stir on social media with Chandler Moore. The two friends are more stylish than ever on Instagram.


A few days ago, Justin Bieber unveiled his new haircut. Unfortunately, it was not unanimous among its community.

In fact, some fans were even offended by the young man’s dreadlocks. The reason? The latter would appropriate a culture that is not his own.

Anyway, and despite the controversy, the performer of the title Baby does not seem to want to change. In fact, he proudly displays his hair on social media.

Indeed, Selena Gomez’s ex-chained selfies and other posts on her Instagram account. More in love than ever, he even enjoys sharing pictures of his wife.

In her latest post, she looks serious behind her sunglasses. With his head straight and with a slight smile on his face, Justin Bieber was once again ecstatic at his wife’s beauty.

Dressed in a red floral dress, it is true that Hailey Baldwin was ultra sexy in the shot posted by her husband. With her hair pulled back, she cut perfectly accentuated the contours of her face.

Thus, the singer still can not believe that the beautiful blonde chose to make his life with him. He also indicated it under the photo in question while chaining compliments to his dear and tender.


Earlier in the day, Justin Bieber posted another photo on the networks. An image that has far from gone unnoticed since he was in the company of Chandler Moore.

For Easter, the young man had unveiled a brand new EP called Freedom. Like Kanye West, the singer intends to use his notoriety to talk about his faith.

For the making of this album, the performer of the title Yummy had then called on many collaborators. Thus, several songs had been recorded with the help of Chandler Moore.

Today, the two stars of music meet again. And it is through a touching photo that they pose side by side in front of a luxury car.

True to himself, Justin Bieber wears a black t-shirt over loose basketball shorts. To enhance his look, the young man chose orange socks under a pair of blue and white Nikes.

By his side, Chandler has a different style. Dressed in a pink hoodie, the star opted for the sock tap combo. And that’s not forgetting the black jogging.

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