Justin Bieber brings a complaint against two women who accuse him of sexual assault


AFP / L. O’connor

Accused of sexual assault by two women on Twitter, Justin Bieber has decided to file a complaint for defamation and demanded $20 million.

On Saturday, a certain “Danielle,” he said anonymously on Twitter have been targeted by the canadian singer. The facts allegedly took place in march of 2014, at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin. According to this publication, another woman named Kadi also has been accused by Justien Bieber have been sexually assaulted at a party in New York, may 4, 2015.

Two charges that are not popular all over the Canadian, who has decided to counter-attack through the filing of a complaint for defamation against the two women. Quoted by the People of the web, a lawyer for the singer, said among other things that the first charge of which he was the target was “really , impossible, and refuted the faith by documents unquestionable, and by the confession of the individuals “. According to him, Justin Bieber is not stayed not at the Four Seasons hotel in the night, that would have taken the place of the facts, even if they are not beautiful and ate well.

As to the second accusation, the lawyer of Justin Bieber also stated that the indictment was “really impossible “. According to him, Kadi is a “super fan “ that was already said “to be desperate to meet with him and attract his attention “.

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