Justin Bieber dares the sweater with a huge teddy bear from the brand Drew!

Justin Bieber unveils a brand new original outfit. In the middle of rehearsal, the singer displays a sweater from the brand Drew.

Justin Bieber set fire to his Instagram account by posing in an ultra-cute pull by Drew. The 27-year-old singer receives many compliments.


Justin Bieber has always been known for his unusual style. Indeed, the young man never ceases to chain the wacky looks. And this, without any complex.

A good thing for the 27-year-old star who seems to take full responsibility. Yes, I did. Since he is in a relationship with the beautiful Hailey Bieber, née Balwin, the singer seems to have changed.

Known for her romantic troubles with Selena Gomez, the Baby performer is now happier than ever. In fact, he has been enjoying happy days in his wife’s arms for almost three years.

And the two lovebirds don’t seem to be ensured by the health crisis. Quite the opposite! While some couples seem to find it difficult to live together in this period of confinement, Biebers are more connected than ever.

They had even confessed to having had the best moments of their relationship since the beginning of the pandemic. A statement that made fans of both stars very happy.

According to them, Justin Bieber has finally found happiness. And according to his Instagram account, the Canadian star’s followers are absolutely right.

Since the beginning of her marriage, the ex of the performer of De Una Vez does not stop. Day after day he has fun publishing pictures of himself in the company of the pretty blonde.


Model husband and successful singer Justin Bieber seems to have more than one string to his bow. Indeed, the young man also decided to enter the field of fashion.

So he made the decision to put his clothing brand Drew House on the market. A project that resembles him since the outfits proposed by the star are quite a sportswear.

Yesterday, Justin Bieber unveiled a brand new piece from his personal collection. A white hoodie with a more than original pattern. Yes, I did. The young man stays true to himself and dares to wear small bears on his clothes.

On the sweater in question, Hailey’s husband sports a dubious-looking teddy bear. The latter also wears a sweater on which it is possible to read “Bieber”.

Simple and effective, the young man found a way to promote his image through comfortable clothes. A line that he seems to have adopted in all circumstances since he did not hesitate to wear this sweatshirt in full rehearsal.

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