Justin Bieber denies the charge of rape


Justin Bieber has expressed on Sunday on Twitter to refute a charge of rape filed by a woman named FDanielle.

Two women have accused Justin Bieber of the violation of this weekend on Twitter. The facts that occur, respectively, for each one in 2014, in Austin (Texas) and in New York in 2015. Sunday, June 21, 2020, the singer of 26 years has rejected these accusations : one, that it would take place in Texas. The testimony was reported with much detail by a woman named Danielle, who is now 27 years of age.

The office of the prosecutor had written to have met the interpreter of “Delicious”, during a night out in Austin, held at a restaurant by the manager Justin, Scooter Braun. After watching your idol sing a couple of tubes, some of which have been dedicated to Selena Gomez, who was attending at the time, Justin Bieber, and who accompanied him during the trip, Danielle had explained to him that we have contacted some of his friends by a member of the entourage of Justin who has offered to meet with the singer. Later, Danielle has been entrusted to us, will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel with two of his friends in the request of Justin Bieber, who had met there. According to her, the singer would have drawn in a room, alone, kissing, and making progress. She says she has pushed again on several occasions, including asking him where was Selena Gomez, before being sexually abused. She concluded her story by saying that people “satisfied” they were trying to close the Twitter account that she had opened up to share their testimony anonymously, which means your message would disappear quickly. Your page is no longer active.

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“It is objectively impossible”

On Sunday, Justin Bieber, therefore, has reacted to the accusations of Danielle, also on Twitter. The husband of Hailey Baldwin has denied the facts, explaining that they were “objectively impossible” to date, advanced – march 9, 2014. On this date, according to him, I do not live in the Four Seaons Hotel, but in an Aribnb to Austin with his entourage, and Selena Gomez. As evidence, he has provided screenshots of the invoices of the places where it is located. “Normally, I don’t react to this kind of things, I am confronted with this type of rumors, from the beginning of my career. But after a long conversation with my wife and my team, I wanted to take the word. (…) Rumors come and go, but the rumors about the sexual abuse are not tolerable. (…) Just to be clear, I was in Austin that night with my girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez. I’ve been sleeping with Selena and friends in an Airbnb on the night of 9 and I stayed at the Westin hotel, the 10 (…). Any allegation of sexual abuse must be taken seriously, and that is why I wanted to tackle myself. In my case, this story is physically impossible. I, therefore, act via Twitter, and at the request of the authorities against the people that wants to put me in danger,” he concluded.

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