Justin Bieber: Hailey Bieber loves Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver’s License’!

A very touching moment between Hailey Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo! The singer sends a card too cute to the American model …

The adorable moment between Hailey Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo! The Driver’s License singer learned that the model loved her song… So she sends a very nice card to Justin Bieber’swife. And a nice T-shirt, too!

It must be said that Bieber is never far from Tiktok. While Olivia Rodrigo managed a huge box with her hit, the two lovers showed their love for this song… And obviously, the singer felt a nice moment of emotion!

Being popular is one thing… But finding herself popular with Justin Bieber’s wife, the American singer didn’t expect it. She thus testifies to her joy and gratitude in a letter for Hailey Bieber.

Olivia Rodrigo has decided to get in direct contact with Hailey Bieber. She sent him a nice letter. Nice words, a big thank you, and love. “I’m glad you liked Driver’s License, thank you so much for your support! »

A touching moment between two stars, so… But Justin Bieber’s wife is also entitled to a second surprise: Olivia Rodrigo’s driver’s license. So his driver’s license (almost) printed on a black T-shirt… It’s a nice joke.

It is discovered that the singer lives “somewhere in the suburbs” on the “blue boulevard”. A driver’s license where she also enjoys writing that she loves “the United States forever.” Full of love and humor, then.


The singer ends her sweet word with a nice message for Hailey Bieber: “I love you, and I send you a lot of love.” Beautiful exchanges between two stars that give a nice smile to the model … Or at least, a smile you imagine!

For Justin Bieber’s wife adds nothing to her Insta story, other than a little purple heart with which she tags Olivia Rodrigo. Love, love, and love again: a nice correspondence takes place between the stars!

With this beautiful moment, Olivia Rodrigo is therefore among the American stars of the moment. While her first hit has exceeded 130 million views on Youtube, she settles among the singers of the moment to follow …

Especially with that contact! Because alongside Hailey Bieber, we find Justin Bieber… We can therefore imagine (why not) that the model makes the link for a meeting of artists. And why not think of a feat!

While the Canadian has regained his career after a lot of months of break, he has chained the duets at the end of 2020 … Until his big moment: his farewell concert in the year 2020. But we’re going to have to get started in 2021. Why not a duet with Olivia Rodrigo?

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