Justin Bieber has an absolutely crazy electric Rolls-Royce!

Justin Bieber on the streets of Santa Monica is all the rage in his new car! A new and totally futuristic Rolls-Royce.

Justin Bieber likes to get noticed. The singer loves luxury and he doesn’t hide it. For it was on the edge of a magnificent Rolls-Royce that he was seen on the streets of Los Angeles. But not just any car.

Indeed, Justin Bieber is in the middle of preparing his next album. A few months ago, the singer unveiled some tracks including Lonely and Monster with Shawn Mendes. But it was the song Anyone for his wife Hailey Baldwin that made a lot of talks. Internet users already love it!

Accompanied by a brand new clip very personal. In a simple black-and-white video, the couple is seen in a bed cuddling. And it is through the lyrics of his song that Justin Bieber makes his statement to him. So the emotion is there!

A clip that has already racked up more than 2.2 million views in the past week. But it wasn’t for his wedding that the Canadian singer made a name for himself this time. It’s for one of his other passions, cars.

Indeed, at a dinner in Santa Monica in the city of Los Angeles, Justin Bieber inaugurated his new car. A very amazing Rolls-Royce that did not fail to make talk.


That’s right, it was the Youtuber Effspot who found the car parked in the street and filmed the whole scene. And this car is none other than Justin Bieber’s.

He then explains to his followers that he has never seen a car like this. And it looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie.

And according to the Daily Mail, it was the famous Car Preparer West Coast Customs who took over this car. A silver-colored Rolls-Royce that seems to come straight from the future. And that’s almost the case because there are no two like this.

Justin Bieber wants originality. That’s why he asked for his luxury sedan to be modified specifically for him. The body that hides the 4 wheels gives the feeling that the car is floating in the air.

And to top it all off, his Rolls-Royce went electric! As a result, the original V12 engine has been removed and the entire engine has been custom-made. In order to install batteries and a 100% electric motorization. Proof that Justin Bieber is showing his commitment to ecology.

new car for the car manufacturer known for not producing electric cars. A titanic work, then! But a significant cost for the singer who had to spend a fortune to get this result.

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