Justin Bieber: Lena Situations met the singer in Paris!

Thanks to a competition organized by NRJ, the beautiful Lena Situations was able to meet Justin Bieber when he came to Paris for a secret project!

Thanks to NRJ, Lena Situations had the chance to meet Justin Bieber in Paris. The young woman was accompanied by Solène and Angéline. Both have fulfilled their dream: to meet their idol after eleven years.

Solène and Angéline took part in a competition organized by NRJ. The big winners had the chance and the privilege to meet Justin Bieber this March 3rd in Paris. This is also the case with Lena Situations.

Justin Bieber was in Paris “to shoot a secret project on the roof of the Hotel Crillon” according to NRJ. He also took a few minutes to break to meet his fans including Lena Situations.

The young woman also made confidences at the microphone of NRJ. One thing’s for sure, she seemed really looking forward to meeting the star. Alongside Solène and Angeline, she looked quite excited.

The influencer revealed: “I met the winners of the contest. So I thought, ‘I’m going to go squat them and have girlfriends with me.’ Because I have no right to come with someone“.

The Justin Bieber fan also added: “I’m trying to get into their table but… I think I’m embarrassing them a little bit! I feel lonely. And I don’t have a friend. It’s horrible. No, I’m joking! ».


Lena Situations also explained: “I’m at a chick table and we’re all very excited. We hope to be able, maybe see, even in the distance, Justin Bieber. This is our generation. He fed us, Justin.”

Lena Situations said: “Bieber Fever obliged! We’ve seen Justin Bieber evolve, we’ve seen him change. We’ve seen him grow up, we’ve seen him mature. And it’s too cute to follow someone’s progress, even when you don’t know them.”

A few days ago, the singer told his fans that he would release a brand new album in a few days. Entitled “Justice”, his album is scheduled for release on March 19.

And the least we can say is that Justin Bieber fans are really looking forward to learning more. Some also wonder what he is preparing as a surprise in the Capital. However, you will need to be patient before you know more.

On his future album, the young man revealed: “By creating this album, my goal is to make music that brings comfort, to create songs that people can relate to.”

Justin Bieber added: “And connect so they feel less alone. Suffering, injustice, and pain can leave people feeling helpless. Music is a great way to remember that we are not alone.”

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