Justin Bieber spoke of his admiration for Will Smith !


When two stars admirents, we like ! Justin Bieber has a small story to tell of his love for an actor : Will Smith !

Justin Bieber appears ! The singer balance and a short story to send his admiration for an actor… It must be said that crosses the time, that everyone likes. But Will Smith is going to enjoy it anyway !

As the actor passes the time. Since its inception, in the Prince of Bel Air, the actor passing of the centuries without a wrinkle… The men in Black, Bad boys : everything that touches the Prince of Bel Air is transformed into cardboard.

Even Justin Bieber becomes an absolute fan of Will Smith… It moves as well history Urges in front of your tv. The film ? Ali, in which the actor plays the role of Muhammad Alithe famous boxer…

We have found the rise of Cassius Clay Juniorin the guise of Will Smith. A touching film, a nice tribute, too… Because the costume of a boxer, that is not easy to put on. But with a talented actor…

We can do any thing and Justin Bieber shows : the film is a true success ! A beautiful performance of boxing, a beautiful performance of the actor, and also : the singer spends a pleasant afternoon with Ali !

Justin Bieber spoke of his admiration for Will Smith on Instagram !

Justin Bieber spoke of his admiration for Will Smith on Instagram !

Will Smith and Justin Bieber : a beautiful friendship ?

It must also be said that the two stars seem very friendly. Will Smith has seen the biopic of the singer along with his entire family in may of 2019… I was so excited, which is supplemented with the part of the actor.

Justin Bieber also knows very well Jaden Smith, son of Will. And for a good reason, the singer has been able to count on the son of her friend ! In the film, we see the two artists together on stage…

For a huge perf in “Never say never “. An amazing moment, which also shows the attachment of the lead singer of the Smith family… it is Not surprising, therefore, to see the feast in front of Ali !

Justin Bieber and Will Smith seems very related… In any case, a friendship and a good understanding of artistic have air that exists between the two !