Justin Bieber unscrupulously flirts with Madison Beer on Instagram?

On Instagram, Justin Bieber commented on a photo of Madison Beer! Inci, Internet users took this message for drag…

Fans of the couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are in a panic! And for good reason, the 26-year-old singer recently commented on a suggestive photo of the beautiful Madison Beer… It didn’t take much to make fans of supermodel Hailey Baldwin angry!

Married for two years, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are a perfect couple! Indeed, since the beginning of their love story, they have never ceased to show their love on social networks!

Indeed, the 26-year-old singer regularly makes magnificent statements to his beau! Sweet words that the main interested party adores, so the latter always responds in a very warm way!

So, if some took a long time to validate this couple … Not least because Justin Bieber fans loved his relationship with Selena Gomez! Today, Internet users seem to be charmed by this belle love story!

So when Justin Bieber commented on a photo of Madison Beer… Internet users clearly didn’t understand! Indeed, hundreds of Instagram users responded to the artist to ask what he was playing!

Indeed, although the latter has known Madison Beer for many years (the two young men have indeed shared the same manager), some still think that Justin flirted with the latter under the following cliché:


Hailey Baldwin doesn’t have to worry! Indeed, her fans defend her vigorously on Instagram! The proof, hundreds of Internet users responded to Justin Bieber’s comment under the post of Madison Beer!

Indeed, they wanted to remind the singer that he was married… And so he didn’t have to comment on the pictures of pretty girls on Instagram! “But what the delirium is! You forgot you were married, Justin! »

“I know one who’s not going to be happy… Justin Bieber stays where you belong! “But what are you doing Justin? Delete your comment before your wife sees it… No, but oh! »

Or: “Justin and Madison Beer… I didn’t see them coming these two… Plus she’s super beautiful Madison Beer! Instead of Hailey Balwin, I’d be jealous of my husband who commented on the photos of this beautiful woman! »

Can we read on the social network of the beautiful blonde! Despite this wave of comments about the 26-year-old singer, the latter did not delete his comment… And he did the right thing!

Indeed, Justin and the beautiful Madison Beer have known each other for many years and are very friends… The baby of the supermodel did nothing wrong by commenting on the cliché of the latter!

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