Kaia Gerber, like mother, like daughter


As Cindy Crawford in her time, she’s the queen of the podiums. 6 million followers to follow it.

A mole close, it is the portrait of his mother, Cindy Crawford. Lover of tattoos, Kaia Gerber, could easily have corrected the error. This is not his kind : “I have long rejected any likeness “, she says now that she is 18 years old. That people only in it and that air of family that reminded them of the super top of the 1980s, and has long pissed off. But that time is well finished : 6 million followers on the social networks, it is enough to show to mom that we no longer have need of its address book. Therefore, we could even offer him flowers : “today, more and more I notice our similarities, the more I am proud, because I admire him enormously. It was necessary that I work in the fashion industry to realize what had been his influence… ” Kaia became great.

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There are all kinds of legacies : Kaia, as her brother Presley are born dummies, two dummies, their mother, who has made more than 600 magazine covers, and their father, Rande Gerber, the one and the other converted to business. Cindy has become a label, with his tv programs ; Rande is a “serial entrepreneur” that has a string of cafés and restaurants. With his friend George Clooney, he was for a time owner of a tequila brand, which was sold in 2017. The annual income of the couple is estimated to be approximately $ 10 million. This is not a reason not to teach children the value of hard work. And it is best to start early. Very early.

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Kaia has not 10 years old when she poses for Versace Kids. At the age of 13, she landed her first shoot for ” Teen Vogue “. At 14, she joined the agency IMG Models and Marc Jacobs chose her as the face of his fragrance Daisy. It has not only reached 1.75 metres of Cindy ; it also has its chiseled features, his thick eyebrows. And his taste of success. To do better than mom, who has set the bar very high, this “girl” did not haggle over his sentence. She was advised : in the great lottery of life, it has received too many winning tickets. It will therefore have to be forgiven. And, for this, to be perfect. Then, it is the anti-princess : “I was always, always on time. I suppressed the names of each. I démenais to be helpful. I’ve never wanted to be treated differently from other, and every time I was offered, I always refused. “She says :” I had to prove that I was not a plague to the oversized ego, including the bad days. “

Fan of tattoos. An elf has joined a sketch by Picasso, or the word

Fan of tattoos. An elf has joined a sketch by Picasso, or the word ” mom” © Instagram

And it works : she was 16 years old when Karl Lagerfeld chose her to associated with a capsule collection KarlxKaia, designed by her ! She joined the small circle of it girls in the same way as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and sisters Hadid. Even if its thinness (hard to believe the weight of 54 kilograms is claimed by its material safety data sheet !), in which some people believe to see the return of a look, junkie chic, there was some indignation. How Cindy Crawford, who knows the dangers of the job, does she not protected her daughter ? Kaia does not let itself be trapped by the flattery, nor embark on gossip. “Everyone can give you advice and warnings, she said in a tone learned, but it is by himself that he needs to forge his experience. “

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She has reason. The flow of contracts do heaps. In 2018, during the Fashion Awards, she received the award of model of the year. She becomes 17 years old the youngest elected, chaining fashion shows and advertising campaigns to the point that Kendall Jenner, 23 years old at the time, feeling come of the defeat : “It is in the flower of his age, both physically and mentally. It becomes more and more beautiful, what I thought not possible. Try to enjoy it before it became THE star of the catwalk. When that happens, we will be all mowed ! “

“I had a little accident but it’s okay,” explains Kaia, the arm plastered, on Insta. © Instagram

You don’t change a strategy that wins. Kaia, that flourishes outside of the catwalk, choose the shadow and the silence rather than the confidences. She describes herself as a “high shy” who has learned to compartmentalize his different lives. Has the school already, when she began to pose for the covers of magazines, she kept to her his adventures and never talked about it with his classmates. After high school, Kaia has left Los Angeles and moved to New York.

The beautiful Presley, the big brother of Kaia, has made register “Misunderstood” (” Misunderstood “) to the indelible ink on his face

When mom, dad and the kids end up on the red carpet, they embody an american family ideal… that hides its imperfections. The beautiful Presley, the big brother of Kaia, has developed a penchant for tattoos. He has probably had enough of that beauty : it has made register “Misunderstood” (” Misunderstood “) to the indelible ink on his face. Kaia, she is amourache of a bad boy, Pete Davidson, the comedian of the great popular show ” Saturday Night Live “. Pete likes to tell its cures of detoxication, ” a little vacation funded in part by insurance, where you will confiscate your phone and your shoe laces “. To the great relief of Rande and Cindy, it is returned to check whether the description was still accurate…

A recovery between swimming and reading...

A recovery between swimming and reading… © Instagram

Covid-19 requires, Kaia is back in the palatial family villa, in Malibu. When his “colleagues” mistaken trouble in chaining the challenges dance on the platform, the TikTok, it marks its difference : to her, it will be read. It set the ground rules : “No music, no phone calls, no distractions. I read a lot and it allows me to stay balanced. “What fly the pike ? Already, it was weird his habit of always slip a novel in his bag. “Behind the scenes at fashion shows, regardless of the number of people that busied themselves around me. If I have a book, I get lost in it, and the rest is background in the background. “

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“As many people consider me as a example is a great responsibility,” she says

Today, she recommends titles to those who sought its secrets of beauty. Each week, she suggests classics such as ” Hello sadness “, by Françoise Sagan, or ” The stranger “, by Albert Camus, but also the best-selling contemporaries as ” Normal People “, the Irish Sally Rooney. On Friday evening, at a time when the social networks are overflowing with sessions of sport at home and recipes of banana cake, it is direct that, from his account Instagram, she talks with Lena Dunham, Jia Tolentino, and other authors popular in the United States.

“As many people consider me as an example is a big responsibility,” she says. And if I can positively influence even one of these girls, this will be wonderful. “After all, as she used to repeat often :” If you don’t read it, what do you do ? “An it girl of not even 20 years old which revives the tradition of the book club for ladies… it, Kendall Jenner had not expected.

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