Kanye West their fortunes now exceeds over a billion dollars


The famous business magazine Forbes reported in its new ranking of large fortunes that the rapper american Kanye West is a multimillionaire. His fortune is valued at $ 1.3 billion and is not due to the music, but to the mode. The collection of basketball “Yeezy” developed by the rapper meeting a true success in the world. The pairs of shoes that sell for around$ 200 and score with the american youth.

For several years, Kanye West has signed a partnership with Nike, not meet with success. It has put an end to this partnership in 2013 and has partnered with Adidas to develop a shoe collection 2015.

Kanye West, man of the bursts

It should be noted that “Yeezy” is a nickname of Kanye West. In recent years, the rapper has fed the chronic multiple hits bursts : their concerns, psychiatric problems, outputs of slavery, their costumes are bold, their videos that make the Buzz, and your visit to Donald Trump. The husband of Kim Kardashian often is the Buzz on social networks.

Kanye West is continuing his musical activities. Their last albums are highly acclaimed by the press and the public. Your train of life is also a lot to talk about. Multiply the spending flashy : many luxury properties, luxury cars and even a tank.

Kanye West – Source Wikipedia

One of the largest sellers of discs

For several years, Kanye West claims to be a millionaire, but the magazine Forbes, until now, had not gathered enough evidence to justify it. The relationship between the economic journal american, and the rapper have frequently been stormy. A man of 42 years old american rapper is the second rapper to enter the charts, after Jay-Z, which appears in him since last year.

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The rapper has accumulated more than 32 million albums sold. This is one of the heavy weights of the music industry, even if it is not what that generates for him the majority of the income. On the side, of the statistics of the cloud, their titles have been downloaded 100 million times in total across the globe. It is part of the singers, most award-winning. He has received 21 Grammy Awards. On several occasions, the titles of Forbes and Time have been included in his ranking of the 100 most influential people on the planet.

The man is also one of the fixtures of the tabloid press. He is chased by the photographers at each of its outputs. Every aspect of the artist, in the company of his wife Kim Kardashian made the Buzz on the social networks. I still remember, a couple of months of the approval of the couple in a Fast Food restaurant KFC Strasbourg Saint-Denis, in Paris, which had inflamed the canvas.

Kanye West during a concert – Source Wikipedia


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