Kate Middleton and William on Zoom with student nurses!

Kate Middleton is very invested. With the Covid-19, William’s wife goes to great lengths by talking to nursing students.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kate Middleton has given special importance to listening to the most affected. Now accompanied by William, she talks about Zoom with student nurses.

Kate Middleton is very invested in different causes. Thus, the pretty mother seduces her fans, enough to delight Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duchess of Cambridge gives much of her time to the charity. She then takes her role very seriously. Indeed, Kate Middleton is the godmother of 19 organizations. So she doesn’t do things halfway. When she loves, she doesn’t count.

Very sensitive to the issue of the child, Charlotte’s mother, George, and Louis give great importance to their mental health. In fact, since the beginning of Covid-19, this mental health has become very sensitive.

Kate Middleton is looking for solutions to help young and old alike. It’s so nice!

Today, she gives the floor to student nurses on Zoom. Accompanied by her husband William, Kate Middleton continued to be noticed.


The beautiful Kate Middleton and Prince William have therefore decided to chat with student nurses. It is true that students suffer greatly from the pandemic.

These silent victims touch Kate Middleton. Thus, the young woman gave an appointment to students from the University of Ulster. This exchange took place on Zoom in order to respect the barrier gestures.

Thus, the royal couple exchanged about their study experiences during such a pandemic. Kate Middleton and William was then very attentive to the testimony of the latter.

Abigail McGarvey is the first student to confide. As a first-year student, she created a video diary TikTok. In it, she shows her life as a nurse called to the front. Moreover, the Cambridges shared this on Instagram.

The young student highlighted the emotional aspect. She then recounts the sadness of patients who cannot see their families. Ouch!

Afterward, the couple spoke with other students. They then confided in each other about the difficulty of their missions. And yet, they draw from the positive of this experience. It’s enough to cheer everyone up, then.

In fact, Kate Middleton has stirred up the Web again. And for good reason, Archie’s aunt is not only a great activist, but she is also a fashion victim.

Thus, she sports looks at the cutting edge of fashion. For this exchange, the beautiful brunette had opted for a comfy outfit. Her black blazer and knit sweater have captivated the Web.

Internet users can’t wait to see Kate Middleton’s next outfit. Case to follow then.

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