Kate Middleton and William ready to give up their royal titles?

Kate Middleton and William are very attached to the crown. Yet they may decide to relinquish their titles soon.

Kate Middleton is very involved in the royal family. However, she may end up relinquishing her titles with her husband, Prince William.

Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011 and joined the royal family. The star wants to be very involved and has been doing a lot since the departure of Meghan Markle and Harry. Thus, in recent months, it has become indispensable to the crown. In fact, the English have noticed this.

During the confinement, the Duchess worked with many associations. She has done everything she can to help her people in the face of a health crisis. She also had to play her role as a mother with her three children. William’s wife had a hard time caring for George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Kate Middleton is preparing to become queen one day. Nevertheless, this does not seem to please the Republic, a British republican lobby group. As Melty echoes, they want to replace the monarchy with the republic and think that William will never become king.

“I think Kate and William should drop their royal titles. In the end, Queen Elizabeth II should be the last monarch. This idea that this guy will do very little for the next 20 or 30 years and then become our head of state is null and void,” said Graham Smith, the group’s DGG for the Express.


Thus, according to the Republic group, William and Kate Middleton will never become king and queen in England. They also ask that the latter drop their royal titles. Yet both stars can count on the support of Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert.

For him, Charlotte and William’s mom will never give up their titles. In fact, they have been trained for years to take over their country. The expert knows that Harry’s brother has evolved a lot in recent years.

«  William is the heir to the throne and Kate will one day be Queen consort. The royal tasks that William and Kate assume are significant and very good preparation for royalty. He did a lot of work to open up the debate on mental health issues and launched the Earth shot Prize to help the campaign to save the environment,” he told the Express.

So, for him, Kate Middleton and William have everything to be a very good king and queen. “Duty is essential for members of the royal family. The Queen has devoted herself to it all her life and William and Kate will, I am sure, be ideal for the tasks entrusted to them,” he said. Both family members should therefore keep their titles well.

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