Kate Middleton and William still very complicit in royalty!

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been inseparable for almost 20 years! But what is the secret of the Cambridge couple?

On April 29, Kate Middleton and Prince William will celebrate their wedding anniversary of Tin! Yes, time passes so fast. It’s been 10 years since Prince George’s parents got married. And the couple seems to love each other as they did on the first day.

The love story of Kate Middleton and Prince William has the appearance of a fairy tale. It all started in 2001 at St Andrews University in Scotland.

The two students then meet for the first time thanks to the courses they have in common. Once friends, their relationship will gradually evolve under the watchful eye of their loved ones.

It was during a charity event that Kate Middleton won the heart of her future husband! Indeed, Pippa Middleton’s sister would have seduced Prince William by parading with a pretty transparent dress.

The whole world will follow very closely the premises of their love story. Despite their discretion, all the tabloids are on the lookout. Kate Middleton will be harassed by the paparazzi, but she will hold out!

If the duo breaks up in 2007, they find themselves more in love than ever a few months later. During a trip to Kenya in 2010, Prince William will finally propose to her dulcinea.

And on April 29, 2011, the couple married in front of millions of viewers at Westminster Abbey. And this will be one of the weddings of the century!

For the Daily Express, Judi James (Editor’s note: a body language expert) decided to comb through the Cambridge couple’s complicity. According to her, Kate and William would be complementary!


In the future, Judi James assures that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be sovereigns listening to others. They will be brought to do great things all over the world. And they will do a real team effort. Class!

“William and Kate’s body language signals suggest that they will bring something unique to the monarchy when they finally become king and queen,” she told the Daily Express.

But also: “No royal couple in the history of the United Kingdom has shown such a uniform balance of status and compatibility style.”

In a quiet time, Kate Middleton and Prince William are now much more tactile and complicit in public. In any case, their happiness is a pleasure to see!

Judi James also noticed “intense” and “subliminal” signals in their emotional demonstrations, which are often “synchronized”. That’s all it is!

“We will often see Camilla imitate The actions of Charles… But by copying them after she executes them, she shows respect and a constant curve in front of her higher status,” added the body language expert.

Before pointing out: “William and Kate tend to imitate each other without consciously copying themselves… Unveiling similar personalities and strong team osmosis of two.” A beautiful relationship in short!

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