Kate Middleton caring for William after Diana’s death!

Duchess Kate Middleton took care of Prince William after the death of her mother Diana. We’re telling you more!

Kate Middleton helped Prince William a lot after Lady Di’s death!

August 31, 1997, will forever be remembered by the British people. On that day, Princess Diana lost her life in a fatal car accident on the streets of the French capital.

It was under the Bridge of the Alma in Paris that the tragedy took place. Lady Di’s death shocked the world.

Indeed, the latter was very appreciated, she was also called the princess of the people! These people who loved him so much find themselves orphaned by his beloved princess.

Just like LadyDi’s children, Prince William, and Prince Harry! Both boys were still very young when they lost their mother.

Years after Princess Diana’s death, Kate Middleton’s baby and Meghan Markle’s husband take every opportunity to pay tribute to their mother. A new statue will be erected in his honor on July 1.

It will be placed in the gardens of Kensington Palace. In fact, Prince William was able to count on the support of his wife to grieve.

Indeed, an expert on the British royal family felt that Kate Middleton played an important role. The latter would therefore be a real pillar in her husband’s life. We’re telling you more!


A few years after Princess Diana’s death, Kate Middleton and Prince William met on the university benches. Two weeks after the start of school, the two young people become very good friends.

A few months later, a couple was born. Today, both spouses are the happy parents of 3 children.

It should be noted that the young woman was of great help to Prince William after the death of his mother. And that’s still the case today!

Angela Levin, author of Harry: a biography of a prince, spoke on True Royalty TV. According to her, Prince William found himself in a rather difficult situation to deal with after the death of his mother.

Indeed, he found himself in the spotlight when he was only 15 years old. She says Kate Middleton now spends her life “making him happy.”

She also explains that the young duchess introduced Harry’s brother to the underside of a “normal family.”

« I think it was very difficult for him to get out of a dysfunctional family, having lost his mother so young,” she adds. Thus, the Duchess of Cambridge has become a true pillar in her husband’s life. Angela Levin also adds that fatherhood has helped William become the man he is today.

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