Kate Middleton copies Diana in her many speeches!

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has already copied Princess Diana several times! We’re telling you more.

Kate Middleton has already inspired Lady Di for her speeches!

The young Duchess of Cambridge has been very active lately. Indeed recently, Kate Middleton multiplies appearances.

The young woman must indeed respect her royal obligations. And thus remain close to the British people. Moreover, since the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the young Duchess has been in the spotlight even more.

She thus positioned herself as a true ally with her husband, Prince William. As a result, both representatives of the royal family have more and more responsibilities.

Soon after her marriage to the Duke of Cambridge the young woman already had royal obligations to manage on her own. The young woman spoke several times to discuss issues close to her heart.

During the confinement, Kate Middleton kept in touch with the British people. Indeed, the young mother follows the appearances on social networks.

Alone or accompanied by her husband, the young woman often talks to health care workers to discuss the health crisis. Lately, they have renewed the experience.

There are few filmed interventions by the young duchess. The experts took the opportunity to analyze his speech. And their conclusion is rather surprising. We’re telling you everything!


It is not uncommon for members of the royal family to talk to the British people. But these exchanges are rarely filmed.

Expert Jon Briggs took the opportunity to analyze Kate Middleton’s speech. We can therefore discover how the members of the Crown address the British people.

According to him, the young woman takes the same technique as Princess Diana. Indeed, the pretty duchess will no longer listen to her interlocutor, explains the expert. Yes, I did.

“She’s going to tilt her head a little bit to the side, as William’s mother, Princess Diana, did,” he says. This position of the head reflects empathy.

Thus, by resuming this technique, Kate Middleton wants to show her interlocutors that she is listening to them. It’s a position that means “I’m interested in what you’re telling me and I’m listening to you,” says the expert.

“She also wants to reassure that her royal status should not impress and disrupt the discussion,” he says. Jon Briggs also points out that the tone of his voice also bears a very similar resemblance to lady Di’s. Yes, I did.

“Her vocabulary and way of speaking also remind us of Princess Diana,” adds the expert. Moreover, he points out that the young woman also has a small accent that she did not want. He explains that his way of expressing himself is more and more similar to that of other members of the royal family. Unsurprisingly.

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