Kate Middleton dreams of meeting Taylor Swift!

Unbelievable but true. Kate Middleton dreams of meeting Taylor Swift. Prince William’s wife is a fan of the singer.

Kate Middleton may be a mother of three, but she’s up to date. Prince William’s wife dreams of meeting singer Taylor Swift.

The Daily Mail reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would like to meet Taylor Swift. It must be said that the American star has just moved to London.

The British media reports on its website that Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, plan to collaborate with the singer. How about an artistic collaboration?

The Daily Mail reports that the princely couple has worshipped you at Taylor Swift for several years. “Kate and William would love to collaborate in one way or another with the pop star,” a source told the media.

Kate Middleton, the mother of George, Charlotte, and little Louis, has not yet set a date for this meeting. With the current pandemic, it is difficult to make plans on the comet.

Charlie Jackson made this point to the British media about Kate Middleton. “We understand that they want to get to know Taylor Swift better.” He added: “I don’t think they’ve already set a date in their schedule. They will probably work together in the recent future on a common project. »


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been seen on the streets of London several times in recent weeks. The American tabloids, therefore, concluded that they were going to move in together.

And they didn’t make a mistake. The singer has therefore decided to leave New York for the freshness of England with her darling, Joe Alwyn and she will soon meet Kate Middleton.

In an interview with Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift gave details of her story. “I think that by knowing him and being in the relationship I’m in today, I’ve made decisions that have made my life more like real life. And less to a scenario that is commented on in the tabloids.” And that’s not all.

The singer says she made peace with her desire to control the tabloids. And what he keeps saying about her and her couple. “When I’m anxious, I can control how I am as a person. My way of acting and streamlining things,” she continued.

The young woman, who has always had a complicated relationship with the paparazzi, said she had stopped focusing her attention on them. “I can’t control if there are 20 photographers out there. And what they do and if they follow our car and if they interrupt our lives,” she added.

He concluded: “I can’t control whether there will be a weird headline about us in the papers tomorrow.” Taylor Swift, who should meet Kate Middleton, is therefore in the let go.

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