Kate Middleton has a beautiful collection of dresses in her wardrobe!

Kate Middleton is not a fashionista for nothing! Indeed, the Duchess of Sarl Taste displays an impressive wardrobe of dresses.

It’s no surprise that Kate Middleton represents taste in terms of clothing. Indeed, Prince William’s wife has a collection of vertiginous dresses to her credit. Always looked, Meghan Markle’s rival has everything from a fashion queen. Her style is a sensation, and it’s not for nothing in short.

Kate Middleton always has an outfit that suits every situation. After all, Pippa’s sister has been immersed in this universe, especially with her professional experience.

You are also aware that the future queen worked in fashion before her wedding. She was a buyer in the accessory department of Jigsaw and Jigsaw Junior.

Before that, she had also studied art history, which is not surprising. Indeed, the pretty young woman has taste and style, which she had to cultivate during her studies.

Anyway, even married and a member of the Windsor clan, she continues to show her taste for beautiful things. Especially the dresses, to believe that she never wears the same!

Some fans of Kate Middleton’s style do not hesitate to reproduce her unique outfits. How do they manage to follow each of the many dresses that sit in her wardrobe step by step?


It’s easy to find Kate Middleton’smost iconic outfits. Indeed, some end up on ready-to-wear sites.

While some of them are exorbitantly priced, others seem quite affordable. Like what, it’s easy to imitate the Duchess of Good Taste.

Like that red dress, which she wore alongside her husband Prince William recently. A beautiful evening dress that makes you look at her!

Other dresses are much less well known, knowing that the future queen keeps her under the elbow for very specific occasions. Don’t let that hold you back! At Needle and Thread, you can find a lot of “Kate-like” dresses.

For her part, little Charlotte is already entitled to her collection of outfits all inspired by those of her mother. Doesn’t she already be following in the Footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge?

Anyway, Needle and Thread likes to surf the fact that Kate Middleton loves this kind of dress. The company even talks about the “Kate effect” to talk about its tunics.

“We have a waiting list and I think in 24 to 36 hours we’ll have 700 or 800 people on the waiting list,” said Hannah, the founder of the hello! store. “[Kate] has a phenomenal impact on brands.”

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