Kate Middleton: her husband William angry at Harry after the Megxit!

Kate Middleton and Prince William would still have the latest Sussex press release on Megxit!

Nothing goes wrong with the Windsor clan! According to the Sunday Times, Kate Middleton and Prince William did not digest Sussex’s recent statement to Megxit.

In 2020, Meghan Markle and Harry surprised the world by acting on Megxit! They would never have forgiven the members of the Firm for their lack of support.

In addition, Archie’s parents no longer got along with the Cambridge couple at all. According to some tabloids, Meghan Markle could not bear Kate Middleton’s behavior towards her!

Behind the scenes, Prince George’s mother would have done nothing to get closer to her sister-in-law. Others also said that the two women were far too “different” to be intimate.

Like Prince William, Kate Middleton would have lived very badly in the exile of Sussex in the United States! If water has since flowed under the bridges, tensions would have been revived by the recent statement from Archie’s parents.

On February 14, the world was delighted to learn that Meghan Markle was expecting her second child. In the aftermath, the former “Suits” star and Prince Harry also confirmed sad news for Windsor fans.

After a year of reflection, they still refuse to become active members of the royal family again! It was Buckingham who unveiled the info.


By remaining independent of the Windsor clan, Queen Elizabeth II’s spokesman assured via a statement that the Sussex couple will “no longer be able to assume” their “responsibilities and duties that accompany a life of public service.”

To which Meghan Markle and Harry responded on the Web: “We can all live a life of service. The service is universal.”

But following their post, Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly saw red. According to the Sunday Times, Prince Charles’ eldest son perceived the response as “insulting” and “disrespectful” to the monarch!

“We don’t respond to the queen, that’s the way it is,” said a source close to the Firm. If Kate Middleton’s husband would be “furious,” he would still make efforts to calm things down with Prince Harry.

“It’s always tense (William) was very upset by what happened,” the informant added indiscreetly. “But he really wants his relationship with Harry to be repaired over time.”

For Angela Levin, Archie’s parents have indeed “crossed the red line”! “The Queen is a patient woman,” the royal expert said. “She loves her family. But his sense of duty takes precedence over his children and grandchildren.” Case to follow you are told!

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