Kate Middleton: Her kids hate her brand new role!

In recent weeks, Kate Middleton has had a new role. Her children George, Charlotte, and Louis hate her.

Kate Middleton has to adapt to the health situation. Mother, The wife of Prince William, is in her new role that her children hate above all else. MCE tells you more.

In this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kate Middleton had to change her schedule. But not only that!

Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge no longer has the same missions as before. In fact, one of the concerns her three bits of cabbage, George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Thus, Prince William’s wife has to take care of them on a daily basis. So the pretty mom has to find them a ton of activities to keep them busy.

To her greatest despair, by the way. During a video conference with parents at Roe Green Junior School in Brent, Pippa’s sister didn’t kick.

So she described her new family life as “exhausting.” It must be said that it is not every day obvious to take care of her children when she has to work in parallel.

But, not to attract the wrath of other parents of students, Kate Middleton took the time to explain the substance of her thought.

“I think as parents, you have the day-to-day elements for this role,” she said. Before clarifying more.

“But I guess during the confinement, we have to take on additional roles that were usually supported by other communities.”


So Kate Middleton has to do everything for her kids. Even the tasks she hates the most. Besides, her children don’t seem to like any more than she does.

In short, Georges, Charlotte, and Louis can no longer go to their hairdresser because of the pandemic. So the pretty mom has to take care of her hair in her place.

“I became a hairdresser and my children hate that I cut their hair,” she said. And that’s not the only role she has to fill!

“We had to become a teacher – and personally, I feel like I’m being dragged in so many different directions and even though I’m doing my best with all this, I’m exhausted at the end of the day.”

In any case, Kate Middleton’s children seem to be fed up with the situation. Especially her eldest son, who would give her a hard time.

“George is very upset. She wants to do all of Charlotte’s homework. Having to sort spider sandwiches is much nicer than learning to read and write,” she explained.

The mother can then count on her husband to take care of the three royal babies. Especially since they have enough to have fun on a daily basis.

In Anmer Hall, the siblings have a swing and games in the garden. Also, they can observe the birds using their binoculars.

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