Kate Middleton: Her mother put a lot of pressure on William!

Prince William may have spent the happiest day of his life marrying Kate Middleton, but he had a lot on his back… He was under pressure.

Kate Middleton married Prince William for better or for worse. While he passed the ring on the finger of his dear and tender, Harry’s brother had to face enormous pressure. This, on the side of the family of his dulcinea

Kate Middleton married the future King of England for several years. She already has a prolific descent with Charlotte, George, and Louis.

The couple has known each other for a long time, in short. Yes, they were already dating on the benches of the university, before our prince so the British did his military service, just like his brother.

Of course, Kate was promised to him and he swore to marry him: it’s been done now since 2011. It’s been 10 years since the Cambridge couple married and lived their best lives.

Couplemodel, both have not done things halfway, a contrario of their nemesis. So they did not leave England to live their union against all, just like Meghan and Harry.

However, William also faced pressure, although not from the tabloids or from public opinion. Prince Charles’ son had to comply with the demands of Kate Middleton’sfamily.


As we know, the Middleton clan is very present in the shadow of the Duchess of Cambridge. Specifically, the mother, Carole, had some demands regarding the marriage of her daughter, Kate Middleton.

As a reminder, it had to wait almost eight years before the crown prince decided to marry him for good. Suffice to say that Carole Middleton didn’t really enjoy waiting that long.

The suspense was long-lasting and the mother of the family put pressure on her future son-in-law. This, despite the fact that she faced him with an heir to the throne of the United Kingdom! Never mind…

Patient, Kate Middleton ended up marrying her dear and tender William. But at what cost? All indications are that the game was worth it since it made him 3 beautiful children.

“It is rumored that Carole Middleton has taken her daughter’s future into her own hands,” said Glynis Barber, in a docu When the Middletons put the Monarchy. “She sat across from William and said, ‘Is this all going to end in a wedding?’ ».

The rest, you know her: William ended up marrying her, and they lived happily ever after and had many children. In any case, this anecdote proves that Carole was “close enough to him to afford it”.

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