Kate Middleton: her parents have a luxurious villa worth millions!

The villa of Duchess Kate Middleton’s parents is worth millions! We’ll take you on a guided tour of Bucklebury Manor.

Kate Middleton’s parents’ luxurious home is worth millions!

Catherine Middleton, whose real name is, is the daughter of Michel and Carole Middleton. Prince William’s wife is also the eldest of his siblings.

Indeed, the young woman has a little sister, Philippa also known as Pippa. But she also has a little brother named James.

The fate of the young woman and her family changed when she met her future husband on the university benches. Since their daughter’s marriage, Carole and Michael Middleton have become very close to the British royal family.

Kate Middleton’s parents are often invited to Crown events. Receptions, Masses… they are therefore often invited to the various events.

Since 2012, Carole and Michael Middleton have lived in a beautiful home in Berkshire. It should be noted that before that, the family resided in another villa in the same British county.

The latter was worth no less than 1.5 million pounds. But their new home is even more expensive.

Duchess Kate Middleton’s parents bought it for 4.7 million pounds. That’s all it is!

The couple had also bought this house to have a little more privacy. And it must be said that the villa has kept its promises! We’re telling you more.


On Instagram, a fan page of the Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a multitude of photos of her parents’ home. You should know that the house has 7 bedrooms.

In the photos shared on Instagram, we also discover two large salons. For their décor, Kate Middleton’s parents have opted for very simple nude tones that bring brightness to the living rooms.

In both living rooms, there are two fireplaces. This immediately makes the rooms much warmer.

We also discover the cuisine of this beautiful house. This one seems rather traditional with a large wooden table in the middle.

You can also see a beautiful veranda with floor-to-ceiling windows on all the walls. In addition to the 7 bedrooms, the house also has an entrance hall, a dining room, and a library.

Kate Middleton and her family also enjoy a large garden on their property. Indeed they have no less than 7 hectares on their land!

The family also has a tennis court and an outdoor swimming pool. Pipa Middleton and James Matthews had celebrated their wedding in the garden of the young woman’s parents.

When little George was born in 2013, Prince William and his wife settled in Bucklebury’s villa for a good time. It was from their garden that the couple shared the first photo with their son.

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