Kate Middleton: her touching support for young people against Covid-19!

As usual, Kate Middleton is as devoted as ever. The Duchess of Cambridge wants to support young people in the face of the Coivd-19…

Kate Middleton is the spokesperson for youth across the Channel. Indeed, Prince William’s wife has sent a rousing message. This, in support of young people and children against the Covid-19. A message that does not go unnoticed, in short.

For months or even a year soon, William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have been multiplying their commitments. This, to be as close as possible to their people.

After all, they are the two of them who will sooner or later succeed Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. In the meantime, they show they’re on all fronts.

They also show us that they are concerned about current issues. Especially in this period of Covid-19 which is not easy for anyone.

Especially since young people and children suffer from repeated confinement. To make up for this, Kate Middleton wanted to speak on this subject.

This, to show them that they are not alone and that they will be able to overcome this ordeal. A beautiful message that warms the hearts of the British at this uncertain time.


Kate Middleton made her speech in the simplest device. No luxury coat with Alexander McQueen’s paw but a much more sober outfit.

She pulled out a down jacket to keep him warm and a beanie in which she wraps the top of her skull. So it was in her clothing that she began her speech:

“There is no such crucial time to talk about mental health,” she said bluntly. “Both in children and parents.”

Kate Middleton also reminds us that “this is an extremely complicated time for all of us, so take care of yourself.” However, it also invites the plebe to “express your concerns.”

The future queen consort also took advantage of Children’s Mental Health Week to deliver her speech. This, in front of the cam in a green field.

It, therefore, invites all young people who suffer from isolation to seek refuge in creative leisure. “Through art, theatre, music or poetry”.

All smiles, encouraging as ever, the Duchess tries to ensure that young people also regain the joy of life. This, despite the difficult period we are living in France too.

The Covid-19 has not spared anyone and has been for almost a year. Our friends across the Channel have opted for a containment, while the executive in France is groping for now.

In contrast to the British crown and the Prime Minister, our President wants to avoid confinement. Curfew at 6 pm, but no containment like Kate Middleton’s.

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