Kate Middleton imposes amazing rules on her children’s nanny!

With her children’s nanny, George, Charlotte, and Louis, Kate Middleton is very popular. She’s giving him rules!

The nanny of Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s children is not allowed to use a certain word. George, Charlotte, and Louis have never heard it in their lives.

For her children, Kate Middleton demands the best possible and unimaginable education. Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge always wishes the best for George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Thus, the future queen imposes rules on them. Besides, they are not the only ones who have to obey his orders! Yes, their nanny Maria Borrallo must also comply with her demands.

So, as our gala colleagues revealed this Saturday, February 6th, Kate Middleton asks her something very special. But what is it?

In short, there is a word that the mother of the family and Prince William forbade him to say aloud. Beware, this is neither rudeness nor a princely taboo.

So it’s just the word “kids” which can be translated into French as “kids.” Kensington’s residence has banned him forever!

When the nanny has to talk about Prince George, Louis of Princess Charlotte, it is, therefore, obligatory to call them “children”. And especially not “the kids,” which can seem very vulgar.

And for good reason, calling them that might be disrespectful to them. “It’s sign of respect for the child, “British nanny and actress Louise Heren told the Mirror. So throughout her career, she has had to strive to respect this rule.


In any case, this is not the only rule that Kate Middleton imposes on her children. If their vocabulary is limited in rudeness, so is their time in front of the screens!

So Prince George, Louis, and Princess Charlotte are not allowed to watch TV before teatime. That is, not until 4 or 5 p.m.

But that’s not all! Nor can they look at what they want. Therefore, siblings must ask their mother for permission beforehand.

Besides, they can’t afford a whole day in front of the phone. With Kate Middleton and Prince William, it’s an hour a day. And not a minute longer.

However, the mother and her sweethearts are no less close. In an interview with The Sun, both parents of the royal family explained that they attach great importance to dialogue.

«  They express their concerns about a school, swimming, a classical dance movement, a failed tennis match. Or after seeing poor children in a commercial. A conversation ensues and a solution is found,” they had assured.

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