Kate Middleton seems to have the perfect posture to become Queen!

Outside the Channel, public opinion loves Kate Middleton! For the English, the Duchess of Cambridge already looks like a future Queen.

For several years, Kate Middleton has been a brilliant depictor of the Windsor clan. Many media reports say that Queen Elizabeth II would have blind faith in the Duchess! But what is her secret to being so appreciated?!

To this day, who doesn’t know Kate Middleton?! A key figure in the Firm, she is highly regarded in the United Kingdom as well as her husband Prince William.

Scandals?! Very little for her! Unlike Meghan Markle, the Duchess never makes headlines.

Her family rarely exposes her in the media. If her sister Pippa has done it for a while in the past, she is now very discreet.

On a daily basis, Kate Middleton respects to the letter everything that is expected of her. All her public appearances are a success. Her relationship with Prince William even makes the English dream!

« William and Kate’s body language signals suggest that they will bring something unique to the monarchy when they finally become king and queen,” delivered Judi James, a body language expert for the Daily Express.

But also: “No royal couple in the history of the United Kingdom has shown such a uniform balance of status and compatibility style.”

In this time of the pandemic, the Cambridge couple is on the front line to support the British. On Thursday, February 4th, Kate Middleton took part in a Zoom session with English teachers.

Unsurprisingly, this video has been widely reported in the media. As usual, it’s a no-fault for the Duchess!


In her mansion in Anmer Hall, Kate Middleton highlighted the outstanding work that teachers have done to date. Listening attentively to the testimonies of her interlocutors, Prince Harry’s sister-in-law has made a splash on the Web!

“Schools do an incredible job,” she told the camera. But also: “As parents, you really need to recognize the essential role you have for us on a daily basis, especially for distance learning.”

Again for the “Daily Express”, Judi James confirmed that Kate Middleton had everything of a future Queen. The body language expert pointed out that the Duchess was always “authentic” when she exchanged with others.

“The two-camera technique allows us to see how Kate’s key non-verbal signals create connections with her audience despite remote contact,” she explained. “First of all, Kate sits up straight but also close to the screen.”

But also: “Its laptop holder allows eye contact. And proximity suggests a real willingness to listen (…). It can have a powerful effect on an audience because it puts them at ease (…) ».

He concluded: “A perfect technique for a woman who will be Queen. Because she will help the people she meets to relax and talk around her.” Well done Kate!

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