Kate Middleton: that little mania Charlotte stole from her mother!

What’s that adorable mania Princess Charlotte stole from her mother Kate Middleton? We’ll give you more details.

Princess Charlotte has stolen an adorable mania from her mother Kate Middleton!

The Duchess of Cambridge is very active on social media. And for good reason: the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to turn to social networks to stay close to the people.

Thus, not to fail in her royal duties, the young mama organizes video-conferences. To the delight of the Duchess’s fans who follow her very closely.

Thus, each of his appearances is highly anticipated. And above all, Internet users do not miss a crumb.

Kate Middleton’s outfit, make-up, or her way of being is analyzed in her every move! In fact, the young woman makes a sensation with every appearance on the networks.

Her classy and easy-to-copy style of dress inspires many young women. So much so that sometimes brands are out of stock because of the Duchess!

Thus, the slightest change is noticed by the fans. A new coloring? A new haircut? Nothing goes unnoticed!

And the finest observers go even further! Lately, fans couldn’t help but notice that Kate Middleton had a classic hair tic.

Indeed, the young woman tends to play with her ponytail. A lovely gesture that little Charlotte copied on her mom! We’re telling you more.


So it’s quite classic to play with his hair or his ponytail. And Kate Middleton has not escaped this tic!

During a zoomed-in video conference, fans noticed that the young woman often did. She can be seen spinning her ponytail between her fingers before putting it back in place.

And it seems that the young mother passed this gesture on to her daughter Charlotte! The 5-year-old princess would have the same tic as her mother.

In September 2019, the paparazzi did not fail to immortalize this moment. While the little girl was on her way to her first day of school, she was playing with her ponytail. Just like his mother does!

Princess Charlotte is said to have stung this adorable gesture to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. To chew!

Prince William’s wife is involved in a campaign to raise awareness of children’s mental health. It states that parents must be examples for their children.

That’s why they have to present the best version of themselves. It’s safe to say that for her, the bet seems successful. His little girl copies it in every move!

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