Kate Middleton: this adorable wearer of her children that she does not leave!

Internet users noticed a new portrait of Kate Middleton’s children via a new video she posted on her social networks.

To promote Children’s Mental Health Week, Kate Middleton responded this! During a Zoom session run by Place2be with teachers, internet users noticed some pretty family photos of the Duchess in the background.

In addition to the English Channel, Kate Middleton makes parts of the Firm’s most popular members. Discreet and very committed, the young woman is the happiness of the Windsor clan.

And that’s not all! Meghan Markle’s sister-in-law is also said to have a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth II.

The two women would have come very close in this time of the pandemic. “Kate has her own direct line to talk to the Queen,” Duncan Larcombe, a royal expert, told the Mirror.

But also: “And she calls him to find out how she is doing and to give him news of the children. She always relies on her for advice.”

Rarely, when you know the very strict codes and protocols of the royal family. Prince Harry’s sister-in-law would be well aware of this pretty privilege.

«  Kate likes the balance between bowing to her as head of the royal family in public,” added Duncan Larcombe. “And to be able to talk to her as a great-grandmother of her children.”

Confined to Anmer Hall, Kate Middleton continues to support all English people at a time of health crisis. A few days ago, she conducted a Zoom session that was widely commented on in the media. But also on the Web!


As usual, Kate Middleton used her notoriety to highlight Children’s Mental Health Week in England. She was also able to interact with teachers through Place2be.

« Schools are doing an incredible job,” the Duchess delivered face-to-face. But also: “As a parent, you really need to recognize the essential role you have for us on a day-to-day basis, especially for distance learning.”

Once again, Kate Middleton’s look has delighted many of her fans! If her speech also had a small effect. A completely different detail has obviously intrigued Internet users.

Yes, look at the publication above! Behind her, fans saw family photos including 2 never-before-seen photos of her children.

These are portraits of Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Photographs that have never been revealed to the general public until now!

Anxious to preserve them from the tabloids, the Cambridge couple does their utmost to protect their family cocoon. In the United Kingdom, Archie’s cousins were much appreciated by the British.

And their rare public appearances are always the buzz. So just like their famous parents. Class!

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