Kate’s Uncle to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Those muppets

A recent version has spoken out against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over harsh statements by the Dukes of Sussex involving Kate Middleton, so they were called “Muppets”.

Apparently, it was Gary Goldsmith, a Kate uncle who did not merely reserve his opinion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whom he would apparently call with this nickname, transcended.

It was the younger brother of Kate’s mother Carole, who lashed out at the Sussex saying he did not “believe a word” of last month’s interview with Oprah, and did not consider it necessary for the Dukes of Sussex to “betray” the royal family.

This provoked great outrage in the close relative to the Duchess of Cambridge, who referred to the couple made up of the Californian actress and Kate’s brother-in-law, as “those muppets,” as the close uncle would express to the future queen of England.

It is also not the only time Gary has raised his voice to defend the wife of Prince William whom he calls “Our Kate”, for whom she would have taken out the caste after Meghan claimed in the interview with Oprah that Kate had made her cry for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

There’s no way the Kate I know would do that. I just don’t believe a word, insisted the duchess’s relative protector.


Kate’s proud uncle continued to contradict the words of the “former TV actress” when she revealed to the presenter, Oprah Winfrey, that her mental health had suffered the consequences and that she even thought of attacking her life when she was pregnant with Archie.

Was your health unsuited? I don’t think so. Harry sponsors a mental health charity, she could have asked for help whenever she wanted.

Didn’t you know the lyrics to the British national anthem? Please! Harry has sung it since he was five years old, continuing to refute the words of the former performer of “Suits”.


Prince Louis, the third of the sons of the royal couple, grandson of Prince Charles of Wales, was preparing to attend his first day of daycare, a time his mother, Kate Middleton, did not let go to capture a new stage in his life. The little one appears with a big smile mounted on a bike that makes him look like an expert in the two-wheeled vehicle.

Three tomorrow! Taken earlier this week by The Duchess before leaving for her first day of day care, the Duke and Duchess are pleased to share a new image of Prince Louis, read in the message accompanying the postcard that was shared since April 22nd.

It should be reiterated that some of the congratulations from family members have already arrived and it was the Instagram account of “The Royal Family”, one of the first to replicate the photograph and the message to which they added a few words:

Wishing Prince Louis a happy third birthday today, it reads in the headline of the post.

In the midst of the mourning that only a few days ago the British Royal Family lived after the departure of the Duke of Edinburgh and after the end of the 8-day national mourning by the British monarch who just last Wednesday 21 April starred in its 95th anniversary, another sweet moment comes to subtract the bitter taste in the absence of Elizabeth II’s “prince consort”.

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