Katy Perry learns the job of mom during the confinement


Shortly after confinement in some american States, the artist Katy Perry is also in quarantine along with his entire family. She spends this time with the young members of his family to acquire the know-how of a mother.

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The young 35 year old woman expecting her first child for the summer of 2020. For the host, it operates with the large number of children currently in his home. They would be the number of 4, ages 8 months to 9 years.

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During a recent interview with Graham Norton’s BBC Show, the singer said “I learn fast to be a mother.” And adding hilariously : “Children gravitate to me through my music, so I’m used to them, but I’m not used to waking up very early in the morning by children who look at me on the side of my bed.

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But this does not mean that all is for the best for the singer. Whenever she feels overwhelmed or that it needs “time for herself, she hides in his car, in the garage, until she feels better.

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