Kendall Jenner clarifies speculation of her pregnancy

Recently model and socialite Kendall Jenner has clarified pregnancy speculations after her mother Kris Jenner’s accidental “announcement”, a news story that undoubtedly surprised many people and quickly put the model on-trend.

As you may recall, on Thursday, March 25, Kris Jenner headed to Twitter’s social network to send her daughter Kendall Jenner some positive energy.

Kris freaked out her social media followers after posting a confusing message on Twitter, where it looked like she was announcing the pregnancy of the only daughter who hasn’t been a mother: Kendall Jenner.

You have this!!!,” the mother of six wrote, followed by a bottle emoji.

Naturally, followers of the Kardashian-Jenner clan assumed they were receiving information about a Baby Jenner along the way, however, after Kendall intervened and tweeted:

Mom, this looks like a pregnancy ad!”


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For those who did not see Keeping Up with The Kardashians, during the March 25 episode, the 25-year-old model helped her older sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian caring for their children so they could have a girls’ night at the Malibu holiday home, and Kris was clearly watching the show that night.

The truth is that the truth was not the first time Kendall Jenner has made public that she would like to have children, because in past episodes of the reality show she talks to her sisters about how difficult it would be for her to be able to carry a pregnancy and be a responsible mother since her career has been successful.

Making it the highest-paid model in the world in 2017, with profits of $22 million, dethroning model Gisele Bundchen had been in that position since 2002.

Currently, Kendall is the only one in the Kardashian clan who has no children and she has said that, for the time being, her constant travels outside the United States and busy schedule do not allow her to plan a family, however, she enjoys living with her nephews.

As mentioned earlier, during the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe managed to make her sister Kendall nanny to Ace, daughter of Malika Haqq, a friend of the family.

For this reason, Kris Kardashian, in an attempt to encourage her daughter and posted on her Twitter account the message for which Kendall’s pregnancy was speculated.

And because Kylie Jenner did not make her pregnancy public until her daughter Stormi Webster was born last February 2018, internet users insisted that Kendall make her pregnancy public to confirm what Kris Kardashian had “announced.”

In fact, on several occasions, the family has talked about how complicated it was for everyone to hide Kylie’s secret, as that meant that her image was completely taken off the cameras and that her sisters had little or no interaction with her.

This is how after two days it was that Kendall decided to speak out to rumors that her mother had begun, as she was even receiving congratulations from her fans.

The model, although she has made public her desire to start a family, announced that she feels too young to be a mother, in addition to thinking that having a child carries a lot of energy for having to entertain the children, something she has experienced with her nephews who she ends up telling “go with your mother,” she said.

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