Kendall Jenner in a crush on an actor very well known, here are the details of their meeting !


Kendall Jenner has met with a lot of stars but when she found herself facing one of his idols, the young woman became extremely nervous. But who has managed to lose all of its resources to the model ? Brad Pitt of course ! The actor has recently attended the service Sunday as a day of Kanye West and this was not the first time. However, Kendall Jenner had not yet crossed until the 1st of September. Invited on the Tonight Showthe little sister of Kim Kardashian told of his encounter with Brad Pitt, who would see Jennifer Aniston in secret, and confessed that she had left as quickly as possible so she was nervous. “He was there. I think he came here many times but this was the first time that I was there when he was there. And, I am part soon. I couldn’t take it anymore.”, has entrusted to Kendall Jenner on Jimmy Fallon.

Brad Pitt and breaking up Kendall Jenner !
Brad Pitt and breaking up Kendall Jenner !

Kendall Jenner has admitted to having a huge crush for Brad Pitt and find it to be particularly talented. “I just saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and it was so good. It improves with age, so I said to myself : ‘I must go ‘. Is not there a saying that says : ‘never meet your super-hero ?’ I don’t know. I love it so much that I’m going to leave it there. I became nervous.”, she explained. For some time already, Brad Pitt seems to be closer to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The couple had met the actor at a party last July, and their improbable friendship seems to continue. Last Sunday, all three were still seated after the service of the rapper. Kendall Jenner should, therefore, accustomed to see their idol more often in the area !

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