Kendall Jenner in drag in court because of a post to Instagram !


Due to a publication on Instagram, Kendall Jenner is dragged in court. An artist accused of stealing his work !

While Kendall Jenner shares a video non-free of rights, author and photographer, Angela My the behind in court. It takes a lot of money ! MCE gives you more details.

Hard blow to Kendall Jenner ! In January, the young woman takes sue because of a string. In fact, a brand of ready-to-wear has accused him of plagiarism.

And this month, the big sister of Kylie Jenner recidivism ! Yes, a new person accuses the pretty brunette of 24 years of vol

In fact, a photographer, Angela Ma, decides to pursue the star of The Incredible Family Kardashian, but also her society in a trial. She declares war !

Thus, the artist accuses him of “a copyright infringement “. In short, this last is said to have filmed the famous mannequin while she strolled around the Big Apple.

Moreover, Angela Ma gets copyright U. S. Copyright Office. But Kendall Jenner is sheet rules of use ! The daughter of Kris Jenner uses it without asking permission.

The evidence ! The top model has released this video on his account Instagram. Moreover, more than 13 million viewers were able to see it !

However, the pretty brunette had not the right to use it. Then, it is the drama…

Kendall Jenner in drag in court because of a publication Instagram 640

Kendall Jenner is punished

Yes, you may not use a video without the permission of the author. And the least we can say is that Kendall Jenner is going to bite the fingers !

“The defendants have violated the copyright of the plaintiff on the video reproducing and by posting publicly the video on the website. “

“The defendants were not and have never been allowed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute and / or use the video“says the lawsuit.

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Then, Kendall Jenner must take out his wallet to repair the damage. And it really hurts ! Yes, the young woman must pay more than $ 150 000. It hurts !