Kendall Jenner not always comfortable with her body!

Kendall Jenner speaks up and talks about her own insecurities about her body! Advocating the body-positive, here’s a good lesson!

New buzz for the sublime Kendall Jenner! The young woman speaks on the networks and confides that she too is not always comfortable with her body!

Followed by more than 150 million subscribers on his account Instagram, Kendall Jenner keeps getting talked about! And for good reason… With her devastating pout, doll skin, and bomb body, she can only be unanimous!

As usual, the young woman makes the buzz with each of her appearances on the web! Today is no exception to the rule when she reveals the backstages of her shoot for Skims!

Wearing a red set that suits her to delight, she raises the temperature in a few minutes! Shock! His post already has more than 12 million likes and thousands of comments!

Most Kendall Jenner fans compliment her with bomb and flame emojis! But some say that his photos cause them body insecurity …

The young woman spoke on the networks to reassure her fans! Advocating the body-positive, we can only validate his words!


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After seeing the photos, one of his fans tweeted: “I had 99 problems and it looks like Kendall Jenner would solve them all.” The pretty model saw the tweet and retweeted it to tell the girl she also has her own difficulties!

“I am an extremely lucky girl. I appreciate everything I have. But I want you to know that I also have bad days and that I hear you! Are you beautiful the way you’re !!! It’s not always as perfect as it sounds. writes Kendall Jenner.

Another fan then tweeted in return: “My confidence after Kenny J said she also had bad days 📈📈📈.” “YESSSS MA’AM 🔥🔥🔥,”Jenner replied.

In the past, Kendall Jenner has talked about her own confidence in her body, especially when it comes to comparing herself to her sisters! “My sisters are a lot curvier than I am,” Kendall said in an interview with The Telegraph.

“They have breasts and I don’t have breasts. Growing up as that little twig girl, I saw my sisters and I always thought ‘oh no, am I supposed to be sexier like them?’ I almost felt like I wasn’t integrating for part of my life. “She says.

She added that she finally overcame her insecurities and accepted that she and her sisters were also different in their personalities. “I like to have a different atmosphere for everyone. I like to do different things. And I’m fine. she concludes on a good note!

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