Khloe Kardashian also takes care of another son of Tristan Thompson

The celebrity already knows what it is to take care of two children, as she has also taken care of 4-year-old Prince.

Khloe Kardashian has already felt what it would be like to be a mother of two. The businesswoman was recently in Boston with Tristan Thompson, and also took care of the basketball player’s other son, Prince.

The boy celebrated his fourth birthday in December, and according to OK! Magazine, Khloe threw a little virtual party for her daughter True to have fun with her brother.

“Khloe loves Prince, although she doesn’t have much contact with Jordy [Jordan Craig, Tristan’s ex], whenever she wants to do something aimed at children, she asks Jordy for permission,” reveals the source.

It should be remembered that when Tristan began dating Khloe, he ended his relationship with Jordan Craig, who was in the last weeks of his pregnancy, which, at that time, greatly annoyed the Instagram model.

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