Kid Francescoli won the moon on TikTok


(Paris) Have 2 to 3 million listeners on the platforms per month : dream of many musicians, reality for Kid Francescoli, goldsmith electro, whose Moonpiece of 2017, has turned viral on TikTok.

Philippe GRELARD
Agence France-Presse

The Marseillais has released a new album, the sumptuous Loversin early 2020. But this is a name of Play me Againopus three-year-old, who knows a “peak unexplained on the platforms” this winter.

“One day, I received a message from a fan on Instagram, “you have become viral on TikTok”. I say to myself, “damn, that is what it is this stuff ?” “, remembers the artist, amused, to the AFP.

It is quite simple, users of TikTok take up a musical loop, 15 seconds, to illustrate a small selfie-video. Dizzying, in the case of Moonwith its gimmick And it went like… that inspires or illustrates, nearly 640 000 videos.

> View the complete video of Moon

A lot of anonymous young people, among the fans of this grip, but also, surprisingly, of the stars, such as the mountain of muscles, Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and… Jennifer Lopez.

“”J. Lo”, I was shocked ! When I said it, I thought of a joke of a friend, Jean-Laurent, known as “J. Lo”. But no, it’s her. I remember where I was that day, that is to say. For me it is the level of notoriety of Rihanna, Beyoncé “.

“It wakes you up all the world “

The megastar has cared for its mini-clip where parading the pictures of her, an adolescent of 17 years old to current icon. ” Moonit is a “track“6 minutes 30, with this passage, perfect for telling any story “, dissects for the AFP Clarisse Arnou, at Yotanka, a label of the artist.

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“TikTok can be a lever of popularity for an artist” rebounds to the AFP Noémie Loonie, the Bureau Export, support structure of the music sector overseas French. Because the viral pours in the concrete to Kid Francescoli. To several titles. “On Spotify, it was around 14 million plays of Moon — that worked well — in December and today to 22.2 million. All platforms combined, we approach the 30 million cumulative “, lists Clarisse Arnou.

Even the american dream became palpable. “A buzz the same, it wakes you up while the world labels americans wanted to license the title, ” she continues. Touring the Us.U. are always a little bit difficult to deal with, with the visa, etc, we had a little put aside. There, in two weeks, we had dates chocked, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago. Of course, with the pandemic, it is pushed back to 2021 “.

“Be proactive “

“The United States, it was always in a corner of my head, breath Kid Francescoli. The pandemic, it is so big, out of control, there is not need to feel saddened by the report, the music seems quite futile “.

For the rest, the musician is still on a little cloud with the tornado TikTok. “What I’m saying ? The chance of a lifetime that I have. People take ownership of it, you can’t make this stuff up “.

The phenomenon stirs up, of course, the music industry. “The E.-U. are hyper-sensitive to TikTok, it is necessary to be proactive, to scan a little of what is going on “, illuminates for AFP Louis Hallonet, the Bureau Export. “TikTok is growing in some territories, is seeking to have more users and, for that, rely on artists who have many subscribers “, develop.

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In other words, the labels should explore different tracks, the ones leading to the editorial departments at TikTok or those of influencers, to work proactively, suggest for example a loop potential.

“Now, it also monitors the ascent of rights with TikTok, the revenues are for the time being uncertain,” says Noémie Loonie. “The rights, it is a challenge, but it is too new to have a precise idea, agreed Clarisse Arnou. We should have a better idea in two or three months “.


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