Kim Jong-un died ? A close is a revelation that could confirm his death


Close friend of Kim-Jong-One, the basketball player Dennis Rodman was asked about the health of the latter. He was very worried because of a detail that has nothing trivial.

Kim Jong-un is still alive ? This is the question that everyone is asking for that TMZ announced his death, last April 25. Information that the famous magazine would be obtained from the niece of the chinese minister of foreign Affairs. Vice-director of a media in Hong Kong, it would have shown on the platform Weido, citing a “source sound “, that the officer, 36-year-old was no longer of this world. The latter would have succumbed to a heart operation that went wrong. But very quickly, information to the contrary have seen the light of day. A japanese magazine, has assured that the father of the family was not dead, but in a “a vegetative state. “ Speculation that the husband of Ri Sol-ju has himself made late in appearing at the opening of a fertilizer factory, the last may 1. Yet, some still believe that the whole truth has not been told concerning the state of health of the leader.

Denis Rodmann is a troubling confidence

A few days after the public appearance of Kim Jong-un, a new detail has alarmed internet users. According to the media NK Newsbased in Seoul and specializing in information on North Korea, portraits of the last two leaders, Kim Jong-Il and Kim II-Sung, would have been removed from the square, Kim Il-Sung in Pyongyang. And this is not trivial ! ” The last time that this happened, it was during the renovation of the place after the death of the ‘dear leader’ “, reveals the journalist Roy Calley, a specialist of the country, in the columns of the Daily Mail. Without relying on the recent revelations of Dennis Rodman, a famous basketball player and close friend of the leader. The latter has also warned about the state of health of the leader, because of the appearance of his sister Kim Yo-jong to his sideduring his visit to the fertilizer factory. ” I have communications with North Korea, but I can say this : if you see his sister at the tv, running the country, you know that something is not right, that’s all I’m going to give you “, said the former athlete was 59 years. The son of Kim Jong-un is too young, indeed, it is she who will be in charge of him as his successor in case of emergency…

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