Kim Kardashian: A man pretends to be her husband and enters her home!

Big scare for Kim Kardashian after a man tried to break into her house! We’re telling you more.

A stranger tried to break into Kim Kardashian’s house while she was alone at home!

After the announcement of her divorce, the starlet of the Incredible Kardashian Family is now ready to start her new life. A life she prefers for the moment entirely to devote to her 4 children.

Indeed, the pretty brunette of 40 years is not about to get back in a relationship. So she spends a lot of time with her family and concentrates on her business.

Now Kim Kardashian lives alone in her beautiful villa in Hidden Hills. Alone with her children, the young woman is seen by some as easy prey.

On Wednesday, February 24, TMZ magazine reported that a man had attempted to enter her home. The 24-year-old unknown man allegedly managed to pass through the first security gate before entering the fenced community where the starlet’s home is located.

Security guards then intervened before she could approach Kim Kardashian’s home. The intruder then introduced himself as the Husband of the American star and said she was coming to visit her.

Suffice to say that it was not very clever of him! The authorities eventually arrested him. She will be fined for trespassing before being released.

The starlet did not comment on the case on social media. But it reminds us how easy it can be for thieves.


Suffice to say, Kim Kardashian is a multimillionaire. In recent years, the starlet has built a real empire.

First thanks to her cosmetics brand. But also her clothing line or perfumes. So the young woman seems to be on all fronts!

Its wealth, which spreads over networks, can therefore attract some malicious people. And the star of the Incredible Kardashian Family paid the price in October 2016 during a stay in Paris.

The young woman who was passing through the French capital was the target of 5 robbers. They sequestered her before stealing her jewels worth 9 million euros! That’s all it is. To date, the loot has never been found in its entirety by the police. Yes, I did.

This heist of the century had been organized by a team of thieves on the way back. For some, it was their last shot!

Since then, Kim Kardashian has had to step up her security. The young woman had even recruited former CIA members and former Soldiers of the Israeli Army to ensure her safety after this traumatic episode. Unsurprisingly!

So she surrounded herself with big arms armed to the teeth. This is enough to deter the greatest criminals from approaching her or her family.

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