Kim Kardashian addicted to post-pregnancy surgery “Mommy Makeover”!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t skimp on ways to be on top! And the star assumes without complex all his cosmetic surgery operations.

In the city, Kim Kardashian is also the happy mother of four children. And for her 2 pregnancies (because Chicago and Psalm were born to a surrogate), the star did a cosmetic surgery specific enough to regain her body of yesteryear.

For more than a decade, Kim Kardashian has entertained her fans with her show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Alongside her illustrious family, the pretty brunette showed all aspects of their private life.

Between births or even weddings, everything has passed! Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

Last year, Kim Kardashian and her entire clan formalized the shutdown of KUWTK. But let their admirers be reassured!

It potashes multiple projects in the greatest secrecy and it will reveal quite a few during 2021. At the moment, Kris Jenner’s daughter is mostly focused on her offspring.

A few days ago, the star made it official that she wanted a divorce from Kanye West. If on the red carpet the “Kanye” were always very complicit, the reality was quite different in private.

Diagnosed with “bipolar”, the performer of “Famous” made his entourage see all the colors. And his many escapades will have been the reason for their marriage!

But to this day, they would do their utmost to reach an agreement about the custody of their 4 children.

Kim Kardashian addicted to post-pregnancy surgery “Mommy Makeover”!


It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is paying close attention to her image! And the Chicago mom doesn’t skimp on the means to be on top.

Besides sports, the pretty brunette also has her little secrets to maintain her dream body. Like her mother and other sisters, the businesswoman is a big fan of cosmetic surgery.

For her two pregnancies, Kim Kardashian claimed to have made a drastic diet to get back on track. While the influencer was very careful about her diet, she also succumbed to a practice called “Mommy Makeover”.

This English term means “Mom’s makeover.” Be aware that this cosmetic surgery operation is in high demand in the United States.

It consists of firming the patient’s breasts, performing a tummy tuck, and liposuction of the thighs or hips at the same time. A time saver for all those who want to quickly find a dream plastic after a pregnancy.

But this operation also comes at a price. In fact, you will have to pay more than 10,000 euros if you do it in France.

Beware of some clinics that offer this technique at low prices. Sometimes the results are inconclusive.

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