Kim Kardashian appears for the first time without a wedding ring!

Kim Kardashian finally assumes her divorce! She first appeared without her wedding ring. We’re telling you everything!

Kim Kardashian shows un new sign of her breakup with Kanye West. She showed up without a ring on her left ring finger!

Between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, nothing is right anymore. After trying to put the pieces back together for several months, they are now about to divorce.

It must be said that the rapper’s behavior and rumors of infidelity have not helped the situation. They have both endured too many negative events to support themselves more.

And things would go from bad to worse between North’s parents, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. According to a source close to the matter: “Kim and Kanye West are fed up and don’t talk to each other at all. And she’s trying to stay strong and move on.”

“Kanye West has had enough of marriage. He’s also completely done with that, and he’s moving on. He doesn’t care about his wife’s priorities. And so he will file his divorce application before she has to. And he wants a divorce just as much as Kim. »

In fact, he’s tired of being close to the Kardashian for a long time. Especially her mother, whose shadow hangs over all the big decisions she [Kim] makes. And Kim is trying to stay strong and move on with her life.”

In fact, Kanye has already left the family home. So he left his memories behind, preferring to take his hundreds of Sneakers with him. So it’s the end of an eight-year relationship. Yeezy now lives on his ranch in Cody, Wyoming.


Kim Kardashian spends time with her family and children. She even spent Valentine’s Day with them. A source close to the matter said:

“She has a valentine’s Day party planned with her children and family. She likes to make this day special for children… It is now obvious that she is thinking about the future.”

The mother of the family fully assumes her divorce. So much so that on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Elle was displayed for the first time without his wedding ring.

While out in Los Angeles, she was photographed driving her Lamborghini. Kim Kardashian wore a red,open-sided chemise and black leather pants. But the lack of an alliance on the left ring finger caught the attention of Internet users.

And by doing several searches on social media, they realized that Kim Kardashian had put her ring aside for several weeks. Especially at the launch of its new makeup range.

In addition to marking the end of a great story, this divorce also marks the end of the reality shows The Amazing Kardashian Family on the E!.

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