Kim Kardashian brings a 90s look back to life!

Kim Kardashian caused a sensation on Instagram by stealing a shot of her vintage look 100% inspired by the 90s-2000s!

Watch your eyes… Yesterday, Kim Kardashian unveiled a beautiful photo of herself via her Instagram account! A shot on which the beautiful brunette had reproduced a look of the 90s!

Via her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian doesn’t hesitate to share her various outfits of the day. Whether in-store or via her Instagram feed, the mother of the family reveals her outfits to her 202 million followers!

Publications that its many subscribers love to discover! So, Wednesday, January 27, 2021, the beautiful Kim unveiled a photo of her outfit of the day via her Instagram feed!

A shot on which we could see the beautiful brunette in a style completely inspired by the 90s! Indeed, the mom wore a mini skirt and a Croco printed crop top while on the hairstyle side, the beautiful brunette had 2 high duvets… And obviously the two little strands on the front, the icing on the cake!

A vintage look that her fans loved! Indeed, Kim’s post already has more than 1.7 million likes… Proof that the reality star’s subscribers validate her outfit!

There are also a lot of comments! And for good reason, Kim Kardashian’s followers wanted to compliment the outfit of the beautiful brunette of 40 years!


Like every post of the beautiful Kim Kardashian, Internet users reacted en masse to this publication! Indeed, the comments already number in the tens of thousands… A real record for Kanye West’s wife!

Or: “Canon Kim Kardashian… The 2 little strands on the front, ‘s so a vibe of the 2000s, I loved to reproduce this hairstyle! Besides, at that time you were the queen with Paris Hilton, the good time! “Too beautiful, we love the little vintage look, it looks like you’re 20 years old! »

Or: “Kim doesn’t get old, she doesn’t have a single wrinkle in the photo! That’s crazy! Well I’m not stupid, I know she does surgery, but in the picture, it does not show! She’s just beautiful! You can read on the social network of Kourtney Kardashian’s little sister!

Ultra positive comments that will please the beautiful Kim! Indeed, the latter can boast of having an ultra reactive and caring community on Instagram!

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