Kim Kardashian: Caitlyn Jenner running for office in California!

Kim Kardashian’s father, Caitlyn Jenner announces his candidacy to become governor of the state of California! We tell you everything.

Kim Kardashian’s father, Caitlyn Jenner announces her candidacy for the California elections!


The Kardashian-Jenner clan wants to be on all fronts. Kim Kardashian and her family hit TV shows the Incredible Kardashian Family. Who’s in his final season!

The sisters have all built an empire around fashion. But also in the world of cosmetics! That’s all it is.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have almost all their brands of clothing or make-up. Yes, I did.

The young Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, got into alcohol. The young girl recently revealed her own tequila! In short, they touch a little everything. Except politics!

At least so far. Now it is Caitlyn Jenner who wants to get into politics. Yes, I did.

She would therefore have decided to run as a candidate in the California elections. That’s all it is! Caitlyn Jenner wants to try her luck to become governor of the American state.

“California has been my home for almost 50 years.” Caitlyn said in a statement. “I came here because I knew that anyone, regardless of their origin or position in life, could turn their dreams into reality.” she says.

Finally, Caitlyn Jenner explains that she is running because the current government disappoints her. She accuses him of putting politics ahead of the interests of the inhabitants. And so wants to change things! Unsurprisingly.


It must be said that in politics, the Kardashian-Jennerclan was not very lucky . We still remember the failure of Kim Kardashian’s husband in the presidential elections.

Kanye West’s overflowing ambition in the election earned him a great defeat at the polls. Unsurprisingly. But also her marriage to Kim Kardashian. That’s all it is.

So will Caitlyn Jenner have a better chance? In any case, she seems convinced! Yes, I do.

To support her candidacy and show that she has contributed to her country’s influence, she does not hesitate to recall her past as a great sportsman.

Indeed, Caitlyn Jenner won a gold medal at the Olympic Games. In fact, Caitlyn also reiterated that she advocated equality. Unsurprisingly. Also talking about the announcement of his transsexuality a few years ago.

Finally, Caitlyn Jenner also stressed the importance of education. Especially for the generations who have been affected by the health crisis and deprived of schools this year.

“Taxes are too high. They’re killing jobs. They hurt families and place a very heavy burden on the most vulnerable. She says. Here are the outlines of his election platform.

Caitlyn Jenner also appealed to fans to fund her campaign. Will she be more successful than her ex-son-in-law?

Only the future will tell. Case to follow very closely.

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