Kim Kardashian called to the rescue by Britney Spears fans!

Shock! Fans worry more or more about Britney Spears and call Kim Kardashian and her lawyer skills to the rescue!

New SOS launched on the web! Kim Kardashian is called to the rescue by Britney Spears fans for her return to court!
 Kim in the rescue? 

After the release of a new docu on the ups and downs of the 39-year-old singer’s life last week, many have stepped up their efforts in the #FreeBritney movement! But that’s not enough anymore, the fans ask Kim Kardashian to help them!

This request is not haphazard! The star of The Amazing Kardashian Family has been working for several years to become a lawyer and is working to help free those who should be released from prison.

Kim, along with her lawyer Brittney K. Barnett, has already helped draw national attention to several cases! Thanks to this, she was able to get modified prison sentences for them.

Although Britney is not in prison, many aspects of her life are controlled by her father Jamie Spears! Unsurprisingly, fans want her to be freed from this… And for good reason…

In the new doc Framing Britney Spears, the personal life of the mother of two has been recounted from her entry into the world of the song until years later, including the beginning of her tutelage in the mid-2000s! Some moments are very, very shocking for that matter!


The good news of the day? The case is being reviewed again by the judge! Britney and her family have been back in court to argue about this for a few months.

With a judge looking at it all again, fans think it’s the perfect time for someone else to rush to help the former singer! On Twitter, one of them asked Kim Kardashian: “Can we get @KimKardashian on the case @britneyspears FOR REAL #FreeBritney”

But that’s not all! Another told Kim to stop focusing on her divorce from husband Kanye West and “focus her legal energy on Britney’s release.” Shock!

Others trust Kim’s skills even more and said, “If anyone can save Britney, it’s @KimKardashian tbh.”

Kim Kardashian hasn’t mentioned her last few days on the #FreeBritney movement or the new doc! But in the meantime, Britney has already received a boost of support from other stars, including Kim’s sister, Khloe.

Case to follow then! In any case, we cross our fingers very strongly for Britney to win the case!

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