Kim Kardashian: Fans defend her after a journalist’s attacks!

Kim Kardashian has drawn the wrath of a journalist! It’s not knowing her fans who pulled out the heavy artillery to defend it.

On a daily basis, Kim Kardashian is not always unanimous! Recently, Piers Morgan has also tapped the star via Twitter. Following the post of the famous journalist, fans of the influencer have risen to the niche.

To this day, who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian?! After the scandal of her sex tape, the pretty brunette saw her notoriety explode thanks to her TV show: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Since then, everything has been going well for her! The star has become one of the most followed influences on social media.

In addition, the businesswoman masterfully manages her brands “SKIMS” and “KKW Beauty”. As a true marketing pro, Kim Kardashian knows perfectly well that her physique is her trademark.

Its attractive curves are always a sensation. To be on top, Kris Jenner’s daughter doesn’t skimp on the means.

The star takes on all her cosmetic surgery operations and she is addicted to sports! In parallel to all this, North’s mother is also very careful about her diet.

On the Web, Kim Kardashian is an inspiration to her community. Unfortunately for her, the influencer must also make the attacks of her haters.

Recently, Mason’s aunt made the buzz with her half-sisters Kylie and Kendall to promote the new SKIMS campaign.

To carry out their shoot, the trio posed with some models of the brand. Much to the chagrin of journalist Piers Morgan!


On a daily basis, Piers Morgan is also known for shamelessly taunting many celebrities. In the past, he has repeatedly attacked Meghan Markle as “an upstart” and a “diva.” That’s to say!

This time, it was Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who took it for their rank. To do so, the journalist shared on Twitter a snapshot of their recent campaign for SKIMS.

And he slipped a little murderous legend. “If I were Kim and Kylie, I would stop being photographed with Kendall, “reads the post.

With humor, Piers Morgan allowed himself to tackle the physique of the two businesswomen while highlighting that of the supermodel. Unfortunately for her, her joke was not well received by the community of Kim Kardashian.

“Piers Morgan, 55, giving her opinion on which Kardashian-Jenner he finds most attractive, concluding that it is Kendall, a 25-year-old girl young enough to be her daughter,” tweeted one. “A little misogyny early in the morning.”

“I can’t believe Piers Morgan has the audacity to comment on the look of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Mind your own business and leave these women alone,” said another, while others shared her point of view.

Kim Kardashian did not respond to the reporter’s post. So did Kendall and Kylie. Silence is sometimes the best answer!

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