Kim Kardashian farts a cable and lays covered in cake on Instagram!

Kim Kardashian stunned her fans on Instagram with an amazing photo. Accustomed to being very well-dressed, it is then covered with cake.

The pretty Kim Kardashian has accustomed her fans to always be very ready. And yet, on Instagram, she surprises her fans with a never-before-seen photo.

Kim Kardashian is often the source of much buzz. The pretty brunette often makes the Web tremble. Suffice to say that Internet users are used to hearing about their favorite star.

Recently, the star’s love life has intrigued Internet users. Yes, it looks like her marriage to Kanye West is over.

In between, nothing’s right. Psalm’s parents, North, Chicago, and Saint would have made the decision to divorce. Ouch!

And it seems that the rapper is living very badly the situation. Even though the two lovers were separate, the young dad didn’t expect it at all.

Even if Internet users abandon the idea of reconciliation, Kim Kardashian’s fans remain very active on the Web. And for good reason, they’re waiting for every little information.

More curious than ever, her aficionados remain very attentive to what this last post on social networks. Today she then surprises everyone with a completely crazy photo.


Lately, Kim Kardashian is very observed. Internet users are letting loose about it on the Web.

Even though the star of The Amazing Kardashian Family is experiencing a love breakup full of twists and turns, it seems that she does not forget to make herself pretty. So, on Instagram, the mother of the family often posts nice pictures of her. Made-up and primed, it is radiant. For Kim Kardashian, it’s still a full box.

The queen of selfies has always impressed the Web with the quality of her photos. Since the beginning of her star career, Kim Kardashian has always shown great creativity.

And yet, yesterday, the social media star posted a more messy photo than ever before. On Instagram, she appears covered in cake.

Khloé Kardashian’s big sister sits next to a huge cake. Besides, this one doesn’t look like much anymore.

Kim Kardashian has frosting on her face, legs, and even in her hair. In short, again the young woman does not do things halfway.

And yet, the reality TV star doesn’t seem to care. She even seems to be laughing about it. In the caption, she added: “Don’t be in a mess.” In short, it is radiant.

Maybe the photo is actually an illustration of the mess that’s in her life right now.

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