Kim Kardashian gets a nice Valentine’s Day present in the middle of a divorce!

While she is in the middle of divorce proceedings with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has just received her first Valentine’s Day gift!

With a few days to go before Valentine’s Day, Kim Kardashian has already started receiving her gifts! Indeed, the first arrived at the beginning of the week…

In the United States, Valentine’s Day is THE party not to be missed! Indeed, lovers from all over the world take advantage of this day to say I love you and to cover themselves with nice attentions!

Unfortunately for Kim Kardashian, this year, the star will surely spend this party of lovers without Kanye West… Indeed, it is no longer a secret for anyone: the couple has decided to separate!

Thus, in the middle of divorce proceedings with the artist, Kylie Jenner’s older sister still received a gift for Valentine’s Day: a gingerbread house. Delicate attention that she filmed via her Instagram story Monday, February 8, 2021!

“Oh my God! A big thank you to the Bakery Solvang Bakery. Usually, we buy a gingerbread house for Christmas there. It’s so cute. Kim Kardashian says in the video.

A gift that also has much more to its little one, Chicago! Indeed, she was quick to react: “I love it! It’s me, Psalm, mom, and dad. But where are North and Saint? The girl asked herself! A moment of adorable complicity!


To forget a divorce that points to the tip of his nose… What could be better than a trip to the Caribbean? For several days now, Kim Kardashian and some of her family have been packing their bags in the Turks and Cays!

So, recently, the Instagram feed of the 40-year-old mom makes her millions of followers dream! In fact, recently, the beautiful Kim has posted several pictures of herself in a microgreen bikini to fall!

Sexy shots that her followers loved! Indeed, you only have to read the comments to realize it. “But what a beauty she is, she really has a Kim Kardashian dream body!” “A real beauty, I validate the green swimsuit, it suits her too well!”

Also in the comments, other Internet users have pointed out that the beautiful brunette did not wear makeup in the photos! A natural to which Kim has not really accustomed his fans!

A return to the sources that seem to be unanimous: “Kim Kardashian is so much prettier without all the layers of makeup she usually puts on!” “But why she wears make-up, she has perfect skin and she’s so much better natural!”

Can you read on the social network of Saint’s mother? Comments all more adorable than the others! An enthusiasm that will please the latter!

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