Kim Kardashian got an unlikely phone call after her robbery!

In 2016, five individuals kidnapped and robbed Kim Kardashian in a Paris hotel. That night, the star received an unlikely phone call…

Kim Kardashian still remembers that night from October 2 to 3, 2016… Robbed by 5 individuals disguised as policemen, the very famous businesswoman then received the call of a huge music star.

At the age of 40, Kim Kardashian is at the head of a real empire. She thus has a colossal fortune that she does not hesitate to display.

Huge villas, cars by the dozens, luxury clothes and overpriced jewelry, the famous reality TV contestant takes advantage of her money.

But some people are after his wealth. In 2016,North’s mother, Psalm, Saint and Chicago, paid the price…

On a visit to Paris, she then faced five ill-intentioned individuals. On the night of 2 to 3 October, the robbers disguised as policemen kidnapped him in his hotel room before stealing nearly 10 million euros worth of jewelryfrom him. Yes, you did.

Affected by this tragic event, Kim Kardashian said she would never want to set foot in France again. She disappeared from social media for many weeks.

But a book could well bring back dark memories…


Yunice Abbas, one of the 5 robbers involved in the case, is about to release a book entitled “I kidnapped Kim Kardashian”. That’s all it is!

Although the book is scheduled for release on February 4th, Closer magazine still had access to some information there.

In this one, the author would have made a very big revelation … Indeed, the very famous businesswoman would have received a rather amazing phone call that night.

“As I was running into a marauding police car, a totally incongruous phone ringing startled me,” he says. before my incredulous eyes, a name then appears on the bright screen. No way… I’m hallucinating!. »

But who is it? Why did Yunice Abbas hallucinate when he saw the person’s name on Kim Kardashian’s phone?

On the night of herrobbery, Tracy Chapman tried to contact the very famous reality TV contestant. Yes, you did. We understand better his astonishment!

At this time, it is not yet known if the robber has responded to the huge star of music. So the answer is in his book!

For her part, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend seems to have recovered from this lively evening. Two years after the events, she made her return to Paris.

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