Kim Kardashian has a plan to split her assets with Kanye West!

Starlet Kim Kardashian has already prepared a financial plan for her divorce from Kanye West. We’ll give you more details.

Kim Kardashian already has a financial plan to share her assets with Kanye West.

Their divorce is imminent. Since their marriage in Italy in 2014, the couple has often been at the heart of several rumors pointing to the failure of their marriage.

But this time, the rumors are confirmed. Indeed, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing. And it’s no longer a secret to anyone.

The rapper has been living in Wyoming for a few months now. As for the starlet of the Incredible Kardashian Family, she is in California with her 4 children.

According to several sources, the couple underwent marital therapy sessions to try to save their relationship. Last summer, she flew out into the sun with her children to reconnect.

Despite all these efforts, divorce seems to be the only way out. Let’s also remember the episode where Kanye West made inappropriate remarks at a political rally.

The young man had then assured that her wife wanted to have her forcibly interned. She later apologized. But that was the last straw for Kim Kardashian.

Since July 2020, the young woman has reportedly contacted her lawyer Laura Wasser to discuss her divorce. A divorce that may cost them dearly in view of the respective fortunes of the two spouses.

But the young businesswoman seems to have found a compromise to divide their assets while protecting her interests. We’re telling you more.


A source close to the couple would therefore confirm that the couple has reached an agreement to divide their assets. “It’s a fair agreement for both sides,” the source said.

Kim Kardashian has reportedly already prepared her financial plan for divorce. But for the moment the young woman has not yet started proceedings.

According to the same source, the starlet’s friends thought she would do so in September. But that was not the case. The young woman first wants to make sure everything is ready to protect her interests. Unsurprisingly.

You should know that before saying Yes for the rest of their day, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West signed a present agreement. The website Radar Online had also revealed the details of their marriage contract.

In the event of a divorce, the young mom would receive $1 million for every year she spent with Kanye West. And that’s up to $10 million!

After six years in the business, the American starlet is expected to earn $6 million. But the details of the alleged marriage contract have never been confirmed.

It remains to be seen what will happen to their 4 children! One imagines that the young woman is waiting to reach an agreement for custody of her children before starting a formal divorce procedure. Case to follow.

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