Kim Kardashian: her robber restores the truth about her assault in Paris!

Guest on the show “We are living” on France 2, a robber of the assault of Kim Kardashian in Paris has just restored the truth

That was in October 2016. While Kim Kardashian was in Paris with her husband Kanye West, the wealthy American was being robbed of several jewels for nearly $9 million. Several years later, a robber present during the attack wanted to clarify several cases.

Yunice Abbas, having written a book on this attack, was a guest of Laurent Ruquier in his show “We are living” on France 2. It was during his visit that he shed light on some of the shadows of this case. As the fact, notably, that Kanye West’s ex-wife was forced to lie in the bathtub:

“Not at all. Finally, let’s rectify it. I didn’t go up, I didn’t point it, I didn’t attack her directly and I stayed downstairs to stand guard. To welcome potential guests to the reception. But from what I found out right after, Kim Kardashian was never lying in the bathtub, no. Recall that the assailants disguised themselves as a policeman to deceive the vigilance of the guard of the building.

Yunice Abbas did not stop there. He also added another piece of information about the assault on Kim Kardashian. Notably on the famous call of “Tracy Chapman” when the criminals were at the scene. According to him, it was not the famous singer but his collaborator.


Indeed, Laurent Ruquier, wanting to know more about this story, asked: “One of the phones rings in the bag, I imagine it’s a close friend of Kim Kardashian or his entourage. It rings several times. At some point, you want to watch anyway and it’s Tracy Chapman calling? »

Yunice Abbas explained: “Yes, no, we have to correct. It’s Chapman. The name that appears is Chapman and as An American named Chapman, I only know Tracy. (…) But apparently, it’s Kim Kardashian’s collaborator who’s called Chapman”

So it remains to be seen whether the criminal is telling the truth. But he has just written a book and seems to want to say it all in this one. So we can think that what he is saying is true.

Indeed, what’s the point of lying once your hand is caught in the bag? And that we face several years in prison? But the fact that Yunice was at the bottom of the building and not in the apartment may leave us in doubt.

Maybe Kim Kardashian could also react to this dark story. And give us more info to unravel the truth from the fake. In any case, if there is one thing true, it is that it lost almost 9 million euros that night.

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