Kim Kardashian: her robber Yunice Abbas has just published a book!

In a book published on Thursday, February 4, one of Kim Kardashian’s five robbers recounts his “truth” about the theft, which was organized in October 2016.

This Thursday, February 4, Yunice Abbas published his book I Sequestered Kim Kardashian, at the Archipelago Editions. The robber recounts the theft of the American star.

No, it’s not a joke. One of Kim Kardashian’s five robbers is releasing his first book on Thursday, February 4. The synopsis? The author recounts the night he entered the star’s Paris home in 2016.

At 67, Yunice Abbas has spent a third of his life behind bars, as he told franceinfo. Thus, his age makes him a figure of “grandpa robbers”.

But why brag about it? In reality, the thief does not want to congratulate himself on their robbery. Especially since their trial has not yet taken place.

Thus, Yunice Abbas – who considers himself a “half-salt” next to his teammates – wants to restore the truth. Anyway, hers.

“The jurors will have to decide and in theory, they only do it with what is presented,” he told AFP and then reported by franceinfo.

“But in this case,” he regretted, “there have been 50 versions already told, many things said.” So, “I wanted to bring my truth, the truth I experienced.”

Another question: why did he want to steal Kim Kardashian? “I’ve been tidy for nine years, I didn’t run after the robbery.” But there is a “but”.

“I was offered to participate at a time when I needed money to keep working. The idea made its way and I finally accepted,” he said.

However, Yunice Abbas did not know the identity of his victim. At least, in a rough way. “I know he’s a famous person, but I don’t know who. Besides, I don’t even meet her.


If we had to do it again, Yunice Abbas would not want to repeat this flight. Today, the man who caused Kim Kardashian ‘fear of his life’ ‘regrets it’.

It must be said that that night, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashian experienced the night of horror. She even thought the five robbers were going to rape her!

However, they wanted only one thing: to steal her jewelry to make money. “She can’t resist, they shouted ‘ring, ring, ring’ when she understood she stretched it,” Yunice Abbas often said.

In total, the flight lasted between five and seven minutes. Not one more. If the “grandpa robber” and his team had organized everything, they were finally caught.

There are jewels that “must have fallen into the gutter”. This is evidenced by his own arrest since his DNA was found on Kim Kardashian’s jewelry.

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